Cat Shelter – 9/26/2020

Our cats are always looking for something new to do. Like all cats, they enjoy hiding in small boxes. Danelle decided to give them something new. She took an old shirt and some coat hangers and created a new place to hide. It may be simple, but they love it! Sushi enjoys being inside. Brawndo… Continue reading Cat Shelter – 9/26/2020

State 38 – Arkansas

6/2/2020 Our last state of this weekend trip. The city of Little Rock, Arkansas is bordered to the north by the Arkansas river. They have done a fantastic job making the riverfront accessible and cross-able by pedestrians to north Little Rock. Our plan was to ride along the river and visit each side checking out… Continue reading State 38 – Arkansas

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State 37 – Tennessee

6/20/2020 Continuing our weekend trip away, we hit our second state. Danelle was there again to help us with filming. Corvin was ready to take off, always waiting on me. We are in Memphis getting ready to ride on the pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi river. don’t worry, we won’t go too far into Arkansas.… Continue reading State 37 – Tennessee

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Mississippi Paddle – 9/7/2020

I wanted to paddle somewhere different. Sonora and Danelle were up for the challenge. I don’t remember who’s idea it was, but it doesn’t  matter. We decided to paddle on the Mississippi river. Starting in a pool just off the river near the damn and working our way upriver just a bit. We didn’t want… Continue reading Mississippi Paddle – 9/7/2020

Mussel Monitoring in the Sangamon River – 8/29/2020

There aren’t many things more fun than spending a day on the water – except maybe a day IN the water.  On this lovely Saturday, I convinced Hogan to come with me to a mussel monitoring event in Illinois.  I warned Hogan that we would get wet and dirty, but he was still unprepared for… Continue reading Mussel Monitoring in the Sangamon River – 8/29/2020