Garmin Zumo 396 Install – 9/4/2021

I purchased a Garmin Zumo 396 for my 2017 V-Strom 650 motorcycle. This motorcycle specific GPS will help me navigate and get to more interesting places. I’ll need to spend more time to better use it. But first I need to get it installed. I decided to put it on my navigation bar that is … Continue reading “Garmin Zumo 396 Install – 9/4/2021”

Disc Golf at Piasa Harbor – 8/20/2021

A couple weeks ago on a random motorcycle ride, I was riding a new area just taking in all the sites when I came across a disc golf course I didn’t realize was there. Fast forward to today and I decided it would be fun to play a round there. Danelle and her co-worker Hannah … Continue reading “Disc Golf at Piasa Harbor – 8/20/2021”

Creve Coeur Lake 5K – 8/17/2021

I try to paddle each week in the Creve Coeur Lake 5K. Its a friendly group of paddlers that perform a self-timed 5K race around the lake every Tuesday at 6:30pm  generally May through October. This week, Sonora wanted to come paddle with me. She paddled the previous week, but wanted to be in her … Continue reading “Creve Coeur Lake 5K – 8/17/2021”

153rd Sunset Race 8/12/2021

This month we were super excited to go paddling. Only there was a strong storm forecast to come in right as we start. Just the same, I packed up the boats. Down at the river, I unloaded the boats just in case the storm passed. The canoe in the back is about 120 lbs, so … Continue reading “153rd Sunset Race 8/12/2021”

Danelle’s Graduation – 8/7/2021

COVID sure makes it hard to celebrate. Last May, Danelle earned her Ph.D in Biology, but we were in the midst of a pandemic. The kids and I sat in the arena waiting for the ceremony to begin. It was rather empty! All masked up and by ourselves. When the ceremony started, we were pleasantly … Continue reading “Danelle’s Graduation – 8/7/2021”

Summer Vacation – 2021

Vacation is a wonderful time to get away from your normal life. Sometimes its just not working and other times, you get the heck out of your normal surroundings and life a temporary but different life. This year, we had trouble deciding what we were going to do. Initially I wanted to do a trip … Continue reading “Summer Vacation – 2021”

Parents and Hannah come to St. Louis – 7/20/2021

My parents and Hannah came in from Kansas City to visit for the weekend. Like all visits, we spend lots of time in the house talking and catching up on each other’s lives.The came a few days before the weekend so Danelle and I still had to work. On the first evening they arrived, Mom … Continue reading “Parents and Hannah come to St. Louis – 7/20/2021”