Lower Meramec Cleanup – 8/23/2020

I decided that I wanted to do a Stream Team cleanup. I contacted Bernie to see if there was anything going on that we could participate in. Bernie does cleanups almost every weekend and he didn’t disappoint. He had a trip planned on the Lower Meramec River. Since the whole family was available, we brought… Continue reading Lower Meramec Cleanup – 8/23/2020

Corvin Rides the Giraffe

Corvin rode the giraffe unicycle from our house to a friends house over 1/2 mile away. I’m super impressed as I can’t even mount it (even if he needs help). You know that riding this is serious when he bothers to put on knee and elbow pads! See him in action! Hogan Haake

2020 MR340 – 8/4/2020

2020 MR340 PRE RACE This year is an exceptionally strange year. COVID-19 has caused lots of social and safety issues. I was thinking about paddling in the MR340 with Jo Jo. Then Melissa Nilson called me and suggested Jo Jo and I join her on a dragon boat for the race. After talking with Jo… Continue reading 2020 MR340 – 8/4/2020

Kid’s Coloring Contest – 4/15/2020

My employer does a good job trying to engage their employees beyond just traditional work. They also include families. They were having a kid’s coloring contest for families. I think I messed up the instructions, but my kids looked great when I was done! Coloring Sonora. Coloring Corvin My finished product. Hogan Haake