I’ve owned a few, here they are. I started numbering them with the third one.

Hobie Cat Getaway  16′ sailboat
Hobie Cat Getaway

1978 Kransco Sandpiper 80. My grandfather “Daddy” bought this the year I was born. I had it several years, but never sailed it enough, so it found a new home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

0303  Mad River Adventure 14 “The Turd”. I used this boat in the 2008 MR340 race and finished, though I would not recommend it.


0304 “First Draft” is a homemade 20′ boat out of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. Danelle and I built it in our garage just for the MR340 race. We followed plans from the book “Building Your Kevlar Canoe: A Foolproof Method and Three Foolproof Designs” The boat was never 100% finished even after the race and was eventually sold and run by another during the MR340. Danelle never really got to paddle it, so please don’t bring it up.


0305 “Breakdown” is a Hobie Mirage Adventure 16′ kayak. We were at a boat show and just got a crazy idea. After one test paddle, we bought one. I decided to race it in the MR340. The pedal drive system broke during the race, hence how it got the name. This was supposed to be Danelle’s boat, but it was ultimately a bit too heavy for her to load and unload at 80 plus pounds.


0306 is a 1997 Kruger Cruiser build by Verlen Kruger himself. Since I’ve owned it, it has won a few races with us in it. There isn’t a more comfortable long distance boat out there! With 11 layers of Kevlar, its going to keep us safe!


0307 is a 16′ Perception Carolina “Tangelo”. It is the replacement for Breakdown. Its only 54 pounds, so much easier for Danelle to take out solo.


0308 is a 17′ Grumman aluminum canoe. I use this boat when the rivers are low and I don’t want to scratch up my other boats!


0309 Pelican 15.5  Danelle won it in a Missouri Stream Team Raffle.


0310 Hardware store special “Viper” hope I never race it as its short and wide! But great for the kids.

0311 Epic V7. Rotomold plastic surfski. Now I have no excuses for being slow…