Joe Borrows A Unicycle – 11/19/2022

My friend and national speaker, Joe Fingerhut called me to ask a favor. His unicycle had a broken part and its a part of several of his speaking engagements. He asked if I might have a part he can borrow. Rather then try to grab a part, I suggested he come over and just borrow … Continue reading “Joe Borrows A Unicycle – 11/19/2022”

Big One Sold – 8/10/2022

Its a day that my wife thought would never come. I’m selling my second unicycle in a year! Since I started this crazy hobby, I’ve continually added new unicycles to my collection until I got to the number 7. Yeah, that is even a lot of unicycles for me. With my recent addition of a … Continue reading “Big One Sold – 8/10/2022”

September – 2020

Another month has moved by quickly. We’re still home more than we want with COVID-19 around. You can tell by the number of cat photos we have this month. Trying to capture Brawndo looking stately. Somehow a sink is the same as a cat bed. Not something I encourage, but I often get overridden. Coatrack’s … Continue reading “September – 2020”