Nimbus Nightfox – 6/15/2022

I’ve been wanting to better my unicycle distance for a while. I have a Coker 36″ Big One unicycle. While its nice, it isn’t quite right for me. I decided that life is short and I would try an upgrade to the Nimbus Nightfox. Once ordered using money from my birthday, I figured I could … Continue reading “Nimbus Nightfox – 6/15/2022”

Paddle Training – 6/12/2022

Danelle and Sonora wanted to get more paddle training for this year’s MR340 race. I drove them out to the Klondike ramp and dropped them off. First prepping the boat from the land. Once they were all packed up, they shoved off into the Big Muddy. Once they were off, I went back to the … Continue reading “Paddle Training – 6/12/2022”

September – 2020

Another month has moved by quickly. We’re still home more than we want with COVID-19 around. You can tell by the number of cat photos we have this month. Trying to capture Brawndo looking stately. Somehow a sink is the same as a cat bed. Not something I encourage, but I often get overridden. Coatrack’s … Continue reading “September – 2020”

August – 2020

2020 hasn’t been a completely horrible year. Yeah, its not the same as other years, but we’re making due! Sonora is holding her two favorite cats, Brawndo and Coatrack. Jo Jo was able to come over and see Brawndo. Danelle managed both of them on her lap. I got more unicycle and paddling time during … Continue reading “August – 2020”