Foot Coloring – 3/30/2022

Sonora is a very motivated student who puts a lot of effort into her coursework. One of her classes this semester was Athletic Training I. In this class, they focus on the anatomy of the legs, common leg injuries for athletes, and how to treat the lower extremities to prevent injury or promote healing. This … Continue reading “Foot Coloring – 3/30/2022”

Paddle Stop Brewery – 7/14/2022

Danelle and I have been wanting to visit Paddle Stop Brewery since it opened. We’re acquaintances with the owners, Shane and Stacy and wanted to support their new business. We started off by finding the super quite and comfortable library room. There are several bookshelves with interesting books and a cozy feel. From there, I … Continue reading “Paddle Stop Brewery – 7/14/2022”

Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/6/2022

Grandpa Henry has a birthday every year 🙂 We went over to his house to celebrate with him. With COVID hopefully winding down, we were starting to meet together again.  Its been too long since we’ve shared laughes like this! Mark did his best to climb a tree, but there aren’t many lower branches to … Continue reading “Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/6/2022”