Snow Cats – 1/27/2021

We decided to see how the cats like the snow today. Brawndo hasn’t see it before, but being a Maine Coon, it shouldn’t be an issue. He seemed pretty chill with it. Coatrack likes being outside in anything but rain. The paw prints might be the best part about the whole thing. We didn’t let … Continue reading “Snow Cats – 1/27/2021”

Digging With Power – 1/17/2021

It seems like all cool things in my life eventually happen if I wait long enough. In this case, today I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy. While visiting my friends JoJo and Jason on their campground property, they invited me to play on their new Kubota tractor. It didn’t take me long to say YES! They … Continue reading “Digging With Power – 1/17/2021”

Mississippi River at NGREC – 1/11/2021

I took a 1/2 day off of work and went with Danelle to her office at NGREC. I started by working at a desk near hers. Eventually, I worked my way into the fancy conference room overlooking the Mississippi river. Since its full on winter, there was little barge traffic. In fact, just 1 barge … Continue reading “Mississippi River at NGREC – 1/11/2021”

Deer Creek Pollution – 1/5/2021

This has been going on for about a month. Danelle and I were taking a walk and noticed that there was an oily film on the water in the creek. On our first walk, we followed upstream for a rather long walk and found the source of the pollution. It was reported to MSD and … Continue reading “Deer Creek Pollution – 1/5/2021”

Painting OurMaster Bedroom – 12/29/2020

We’ve been in our house 15 years and decided it was time to paint the master bedroom. It still had the original tan color the whole house was when we moved in. And if you’re wondering how long that is, here is 15 years of dust… Yeah, its gross, but I didn’t realize how bad … Continue reading “Painting OurMaster Bedroom – 12/29/2020”

Christmas Star – 12/21/2020

The Christmas Star is actually when 2 planets, Jupiter and Saturn appear close together in the evening sky. It doesn’t happen very often and today was the best day to see it. We went out to Creve Coeur lake to meet a friend, Bob. Bob had binoculars and a large telescope set up for viewing.  … Continue reading “Christmas Star – 12/21/2020”