2023 MR340 – 7/30/2023

The MR340 (Missouri River 340) is a 340 mile canoe race from Kansas City to St. Louis in the state of Missouri.  This year is my 7th time participating in the race. I was originally signed up as a solo participant, then switched to be in a team, and finally switched to mixed tandem. I … Continue reading “2023 MR340 – 7/30/2023”

Dad Week – 7/7/2023

Dad had open heart surgery a few weeks ago. After his surgery, he went to residential care where they took care of him around the clock. Once he was cleared from residential care, he was going back home. It just happened that my sisters were both on vacation that same week. Nobody was going to … Continue reading “Dad Week – 7/7/2023”

Father’s Day – 6/18/2023

This was going to be dad’s first father’s day as a widower. Added to that, he was going in for open heart surgery the following Monday. The last thing we wanted was for dad to be alone. So the Saturday before, Danelle and drove to Kansas City to be with dad. We did stop at … Continue reading “Father’s Day – 6/18/2023”

Botanical Garden – 6/13/2023

It was the last day Danelle and I had off before our vacation was over. Sonora was working today, which meant Corvin was up to join us. We decided to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden and walk around. There wasn’t anything specific that we had planned to see. Just spending time together and building … Continue reading “Botanical Garden – 6/13/2023”

Putting Up A Shed – 6/12/2023

We have land in Alton and we wanted to keep some supplies up there without having to haul them with us every time we go there. I’ve been pricing out lots of different options and we found a Lifetime Shed at Sam’s Club that fit our goals. The first step is to build a base. … Continue reading “Putting Up A Shed – 6/12/2023”

Hannah’s House – 6/9/2023

A phone call to my sister Hannah had us diverting from home to her house. We would spend the night at Hannah’s house and some time with her. Here she is getting plant advice from Danelle. We walked to the nearby plant store and looked around while Corvin went out running. Ultimately we all ended … Continue reading “Hannah’s House – 6/9/2023”

Family Vacation – 6/3/2023

We started our family vacation this year from Kansas City. We were in town for my mother’s funeral and left the day after. It was the strangest way I’ve ever started a vacation and something I hope never happens again. I remember driving down I-70 just before Topeka, KS when I got a call from … Continue reading “Family Vacation – 6/3/2023”