Sunset Race – 3/14/2024

Every Sunset Race is a chance to see the river differently. I have never come out and seen the same river twice. Tonight, I was walking near the shore before it started and noticed a large debris field with a dock floating in it.

None of us tried to go out and retrieve it, but it was interesting to see. I also got a nice sunset photo looking up river.

I should mention that the weather was iffey. JoJo was there to paddle her new boat, a C4 from Texas. The boat was more tippy than expected and the paddle with 4 people didn’t last very long before they came back to shore. JoJo and Nancy went out and with the two of them, the boat was better.

The lightning chased us off the river before we really got started, but we had a good time. Even getting rained out, it still beats being on the couch at home!

Hogan Haake

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