Summer Vacation – 2021

Vacation is a wonderful time to get away from your normal life. Sometimes its just not working and other times, you get the heck out of your normal surroundings and life a temporary but different life. This year, we had trouble deciding what we were going to do. Initially I wanted to do a trip … Continue reading “Summer Vacation – 2021”

Dev Up Conference 10/9/2018

My employer was kind enough to sponsor part of the DevUp conference this year. Additionally, they sent the whole development staff for professional development. It didn’t take long for us to get seats and get comfortable for the opening Keynote about the future of technology. Maggie on my right. Jeff on my left. They went … Continue reading “Dev Up Conference 10/9/2018”

DevUp Conference – 10/16/2017

My employer, DeckCommerce participated in the DevUp conference (formerly Days of .NET) this year. This meant that the company had a booth for recruiting. It was a fun place to gather and talk about the company to others in the community. And no booth is complete without some sort of giveaway. We had a plastic … Continue reading “DevUp Conference – 10/16/2017”

Dependency Injection and Circular References

I’ve been using dependency injection (DI) in my code for over a year now. I wasn’t a huge fan of it when I started. The only benefit I have seen from using it is with unit testing. When code is unit tested, its easier to “hide” parts of code you don’t want to test. I’ve … Continue reading “Dependency Injection and Circular References”

Oracle Sequence Promotes Poorly Maintainable Code

I started my professional career working with Microsoft’s SQL Server. I spent twelve years off and on learning how to design a database and write stored procedures in T-SQL. Then this last October, I switched jobs and was exposed to a new database platform, Oracle. Since this switch, I have used every curse word I … Continue reading “Oracle Sequence Promotes Poorly Maintainable Code”

Blog Engine .NET Tag Cloud Optimization

For all of the amazing blogs and websites that are out there, hundreds exist that are just average. Most of us are not experts, like Eric Lippert, who can write with authority on a single topic for years and have interesting and new things to say. Instead, there are blogs like mine. I write about … Continue reading “Blog Engine .NET Tag Cloud Optimization”

Where Did Part Of My File Go?

I’ve primarily been a Windows software developer for the last 12 years. During that time, I’ve written lots of web sites, desktop applications, and server applications. I recently changed jobs and am now working mainly on an IBM mainframe and Unix. I occasionally get to do some Windows applications, but they are few and far … Continue reading “Where Did Part Of My File Go?”