Corvin’s Spring Break – 6/19/2024

With Corvin in his second year of college, we don’t see much of him anymore. We do our best to have phone calls and send him stuff in the mail, but physically being with him is difficult. Having him seven and a half hours away in Wisconsin makes us sad at times. But its all better when we do have time with him. He was home for spring break! Even better for Corvin is even though he did some studying while he was here, Coatrack still missed him and sat nearby.

One of our favorite ways to be together and still get outside is by playing disc golf. We made it to Endicott park for a full round. It was a really casual round with lots of chatting and laughing.

Sonora prefers hanging out inside more, so we played cards with her.

Throughout all of this, we can still occasionally manage to wear him out, or maybe its just the safety of being home to sleep on the couch.

Near the end of the weekend, Danelle and Sonora left for their own spring break trip. That left just Corvin and I home alone. On Saturday, we made a trip up to Danforth to allow Corvin to see the progress on our new home. After that quick visit, we headed up to Jerseyville, IL. There we met a gentleman selling a bicycle. Corvin’s bike got stolen on campus and he wanted something more road worthy for his athletic pursuits. We ended up not only purchasing the bike, but talking to the man and his wife for a few hours.

We wanted to play another round of disc golf on the way back to school. Corvin picked a course and we headed there. Unfortunately, he picked a ball golf course that had multiple road detours to get there. After regrouping, we picked Vulture Pines in Pittsfield, IL as our course of choice. We arrived at the course with about an hour of useful light left. We hoped that we could play a speed round to get through it. We implemented an every other throw approach so we would stay together as much as possible and finish quick.

This course is awesome and one I’ll want to go back to in the future and play again! After our round, we started driving to LaCrosse again. We still had 6 hours to go after driving for 2.5. Talk about going out of your way. At least we had a new bike for Corvin and some fantastic memories. We continued to drive and I was ready to call it a night when we got to Prairie Du Chen, IL. This is about 90 minutes from La Crosse, WI. Unfortunately, it was not to be. There was an event in town and rooms were full. I pushed on for the last 90 minutes. I slept in Corvin’s dorm bed and he on the tiny sofa. It wasn’t easy climbing in or out, but we made it work.

As a bonus on the way home, I stopped at Matt Haber’s house in Cedar Rapids, IA. He’s a co-worker who built his own dome house. Matt and his wife Molly entertained me with wonderful conversation and a tour of his amazing house. Here is Matt and I outside his house!

It was sad to have Corvin back at college, but I had an adventure filled week with new experiences!

Hogan Haake

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