Webster Groves HS Performs at MMEA – 1/26/23

Sonora and her classmates in the Statesman String Ensemble were selected to perform at the Missouri Music Educators Association conference. This multi-day event was held at Lake of the Ozarks. I had the opportunity to go along as a chaperone and photographer. The day started off with a long bus ride. Thankfully we were on … Continue reading “Webster Groves HS Performs at MMEA – 1/26/23”

End of Winter Break – 1/22/2023

Unfortunately for us, winter break was over. That means that Corvin has to go back to school. We were enjoying having him home again. Danelle and I would drive him back and get a hotel, then finish coming back the next day while Sonora and Coty stayed back at the house by themselves. We planned … Continue reading “End of Winter Break – 1/22/2023”

Lunch With Grandma – 1/20/2023

While Corvin was home for winter break, he wanted to visit his grandparents. We got lunch at the grocery store and brought over lots of food for us to share and extra for them to eat later. After lunch, Danelle and her mom talked about the seeds they put in the bird feeder. Corvin had … Continue reading “Lunch With Grandma – 1/20/2023”

Roller Skating – 1/8/2023

We wanted to do a family event while Corvin was in town over winter break. Of course its cold out so there are not tons of things that we can do out of the house. Of course the kids really like skating. We decided to go out roller skating. The plan was just the 5 … Continue reading “Roller Skating – 1/8/2023”

Goodbye to a Friend – 12/31/2022

Back in March of 2018, I purchased a new Suzuki V-Strom 650 from a dealer with zero miles on it. I spent almost five years making memories with this motorcycle. I finally realized I’ve scratched my motorcycling itch and am ready to move on to other things in my life. I put the motorcycle up … Continue reading “Goodbye to a Friend – 12/31/2022”

Kids To The City Museum – 12/30/2022

The kids (Sonora, Coty, and Eva) and I went to the City Museum today while Hogan worked. We met with Drew (Sonora’s boyfriend), his parents, and several of the kids’ friends for a total of 12-15 people in our group. Many in the group have passes to get in and were able to get the … Continue reading “Kids To The City Museum – 12/30/2022”

Tilles Park Carriage Ride

Its an annual tradition that Tilles Park decorates the whole park into a winter wonderland. There are options to walk, drive, or horse drawn carriage through the park. Surprisingly, the walking tickets (which are limited) sell out very fast. We choose to make a night of it and take the horse drawn carriage through the … Continue reading “Tilles Park Carriage Ride”