Adventure Palloza – 9/22/2023

This is my 3rd year participating in Adventure Palooza. I completed my first year, broke down my second year and was looking to finish this year. I’ve made minor updates to my V-Strom 650 to prepare it and protect it from falls that could end my ride early. I expected to have some minor falls. … Continue reading “Adventure Palloza – 9/22/2023”

Chalk – 9/18/2022

Sonora, Coty, and Eva took some sidewalk chalk outside and started drawing in the street. I went out with them to make sure they were aware of traffic. Lets see their art. Sonora teases Coty about Dora The Explorer and her Spanish. Eva drew some space objects. Eva posing mid space drawing. Coty making a … Continue reading “Chalk – 9/18/2022”

Birthday Celebration – 9/12/2022

We visited my (Danelle’s) parents today to celebrate mom’s birthday. One of her favorite desserts is angel food cake, so we made sure she didn’t go without! We spent a lot of time catching them up on recent happenings, and both girls shared photos of the fun things they’d been doing since Coty arrived. Danelle

Coty’s First Game – 9/10/2022

Coty, our exchange student from Argentina, decided to try out softball while she is here. Before coming to the United States, she had never played softball. We had 2 outings to practice as a family before she went to her first practice. The rules state that you have to participate in 14 (or maybe 10) … Continue reading “Coty’s First Game – 9/10/2022”

Sunset Race – 9/9/2022

I received a message from some paddling friends, Scott and Dot about paddling the Sunset Race. They had never participated before and were interested. They asked if I would bring out the Beast (our 4 person Grumman Canoe) and of course I said yes. By the time they arrived, I had already unloaded and prepared … Continue reading “Sunset Race – 9/9/2022”

Move In – 9/3/2022

Its been a long summer with lots of things going on. We had Coty arrive and now its time to send Corvin away to college. All of Corvin’s friends have already left for college and he has nobody local to hang around with. He was ready to leave. Friday afternoon, we picked up a rental … Continue reading “Move In – 9/3/2022”

August – 2023

School dance season is coming up and Sonora was getting ready, but maybe not. I don’t know what was going on with the kids here, but they were getting along wonderfully with lots of laughter. In anticipation of my upcoming motorcycle ride, I wanted to get some seat time. Turns out that the ferry to … Continue reading “August – 2023”

Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022

Like too many nights, we didn’t want to cook dinner. It was almost time to take Corvin to college and we just wanted a relaxing time together. Sonora picked Panera (St. Louis Bread Company) for dinner. We went out to get our food. The kids are getting along fantastic and we’re having wonderful conversation. Sonora … Continue reading “Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022”

First Day Of School – 8/22/2022

Today is the first day of school for my girls. Sonora and Coty are both starting their Junior year of high school. I can already tell its going to be great. As most kids are, they are both a little nervous and a lot excited. Coty has been in the country for 4.5 days and … Continue reading “First Day Of School – 8/22/2022”

My Parent’s 50th Anniversary – 8/20/2022

50 years ago [yesterday], my parents were married. They are celebrating 50 years of being together. They planned a grand adventure for kids and grand kids, but COVID got in the way of their plans. Even with the huge list of friends, co-workers, and extended family, they skipped the traditional large party. They opted to … Continue reading “My Parent’s 50th Anniversary – 8/20/2022”