Christmas in Kansas City – 12/25/2021

We¬† packed up and headed to Kansas City for Christmas this year. We’ve gotten worse at planning, but my parents didn’t mind the last minute surprise. I texted my dad this photo right before we came in the front door. Did I mention the weather seemed extra warm? As an added bonus, Herman came in … Continue reading “Christmas in Kansas City – 12/25/2021”

November 2021

Like nearly every month, we spend way too much time with our cats. Of course, this photo of me with Brawndo is staged. Brawndo and Coatrack playing in the kitchen. I’m not sure if he’s practicing playing dead, or just trying to block the heat vent. Danelle and I took a wonderful walk on a … Continue reading “November 2021”

Webster Groves High School Symphonic Orchestra – 12/7/2021

Corvin and Sonora were playing in the Symphonic Orchestra tonight. Danelle and I went out to see them play. Corvin is the standing bass player on the left. Sonora plays in the front, therefore its much easier to zoom in on her. The kids played a lovely concert that you can watch below if you’re … Continue reading “Webster Groves High School Symphonic Orchestra – 12/7/2021”

Thanksgiving At Hannah’s House – 11/25/2021

My sister Hannah purchased her first house this year. We figured the best way to help her celebrate the new house was to invade for a holiday. So without further adieu, we set out to drive to Ottawa Kansas (about an hour south of Kansas City) for Thanksgiving. Of course we called first, but here … Continue reading “Thanksgiving At Hannah’s House – 11/25/2021”

Catching Up With Popcorn – 11/19/2021

I purchased Boy Scout Popcorn from Nathan Bueg. When it was ready, I received the call it was ready to be picked up. I picked a night that was convenient for me and went out to their house to pick it up. Once there, I realized it was dinner time and asked if they wanted … Continue reading “Catching Up With Popcorn – 11/19/2021”

24 Hour Home From Home Challenge – 10/22/2021

I signed up for another crazy race. This time, it is the 24 Hour Home From Home Challenge. What is this race, I’m glad you asked. Its a 24 hour race that is for walking/running only. The goal is to start and finish in a 3.5 day window from wherever you live and get as … Continue reading “24 Hour Home From Home Challenge – 10/22/2021”