Announcing our 48th State Ride in St. Louis, Missouri

Ride With Us In Our 48th State In 2019, Corvin and I set off on a journey to unicycle for 1 hour in all lower 48 states. We unicycled in every state except for our home state, Missouri. One of the things that has made our riding exciting is the people that we meet and … Continue reading “Announcing our 48th State Ride in St. Louis, Missouri”

February 2021

We spend more time around the house in the cold months. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not having fun. Sonora and I spent quality time making faces at each other The cats entertained us with wrestling And we received one of the strangest packages we’ve ever received. Pretty sure we returned this one without … Continue reading “February 2021”

Sunset Race Scouting – 2/10/2021

I’ve been running a monthly paddling series that started in December 2008. We paddle every month year round. If you’re curious about our events, check us out. or (scroll to the last post) Anyway, Danelle and I went out to the river the day before the Sunset Race due to the extreme cold … Continue reading “Sunset Race Scouting – 2/10/2021”

Snow Cats – 1/27/2021

We decided to see how the cats like the snow today. Brawndo hasn’t see it before, but being a Maine Coon, it shouldn’t be an issue. He seemed pretty chill with it. Coatrack likes being outside in anything but rain. The paw prints might be the best part about the whole thing. We didn’t let … Continue reading “Snow Cats – 1/27/2021”

Digging With Power – 1/17/2021

It seems like all cool things in my life eventually happen if I wait long enough. In this case, today I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy. While visiting my friends JoJo and Jason on their campground property, they invited me to play on their new Kubota tractor. It didn’t take me long to say YES! They … Continue reading “Digging With Power – 1/17/2021”