Foundation Pour – 3/21/2024

We’ve finally arrived at a monumental day. They are pouring concrete for the foundation of the house. Everybody in the neighborhood was very curious as to what was going on. Including this deer! The guys had been working hard getting the forms set and ready. I had mentioned previously about how much work it takes … Continue reading “Foundation Pour – 3/21/2024”

Assembling Foundation Walls – 3/19/2024

Now that the short wall is done and the footer has been poured, its time to assemble the foundation forms. These are put together to form the foundation walls of the house. They come in on large trucks waiting to be assembled. Most of the trucks are filled with the forms, but there are areas … Continue reading “Assembling Foundation Walls – 3/19/2024”

Short Wall – 3/12/2024

I had mentioned previously that the hole for the foundation needed extra digging. That also meant that we needed more rock for the hole. Today with the rock there, they were pouring the concrete that would be the support wall for the full foundation. It is better to spend the additional money now on the … Continue reading “Short Wall – 3/12/2024”

Corvin’s Spring Break – 6/19/2024

With Corvin in his second year of college, we don’t see much of him anymore. We do our best to have phone calls and send him stuff in the mail, but physically being with him is difficult. Having him seven and a half hours away in Wisconsin makes us sad at times. But its all … Continue reading “Corvin’s Spring Break – 6/19/2024”

Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/4/2024

I’m in my mid forties and I already don’t care too much for my birthday. Not because I’m getting older, but because I’ve already had enough of them. Okay, really cause I have all the stuff that I want. Online shopping has made it too simple to just order whatever you want and have it … Continue reading “Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/4/2024”

Bell Mountain Hike – 3/2/2024

I signed up for a race and needed to train. “Ozark’s Mountain Challenge” is a 7,980’ food ascent challenge. I wanted to be in good shape for this race, so I’ve been hiking things with elevation to get ready. Melissa is signed up and the one that tipped me off to this mess. I called … Continue reading “Bell Mountain Hike – 3/2/2024”

Work From Shed – 2/27/2024

If you haven’t figured out from the other posts yet, we’re building a house. One of our concerns when we started building the house was doing our best the be there for questions and to document the build. We’re very fortunate in our careers that we have some flexibility for that. Actually, I have a … Continue reading “Work From Shed – 2/27/2024”