Crazy Sofa Move – 7/2/2021

When friends call, our family comes to help. In this case, our other daughter, Eva’s dad Jason, called for help. He purchased 2 new sofas for their new place and the movers refused to move them in. Within an hour, all 4 of us were at their new place checking things out. The small couch, … Continue reading “Crazy Sofa Move – 7/2/2021”

Father’s Day – 6/20/2021

When I think of Father’s Day, I like to think of a relaxing day doing whatever nothing I want and the kids leave me alone. Yeah, not very fatherly of me… And the kids wanted to treat me (meaning they said where I go and I pay). Therefore, we started off at a bowling alley. … Continue reading “Father’s Day – 6/20/2021”

Subordinate Paddle – 6/16/2021

We’ve been paddling a lot recently. Taking ourselves out and our friends. Today Danelle decided to take her subordinates out paddling. I’ll list the participants in the order of rank. 1. Danelle (BOSS) 2. Hannah (Employee) 3. McKenzie (Intern) 4. Hogan (Its me, a lowly husband and not important enough for a photo) Hannah and … Continue reading “Subordinate Paddle – 6/16/2021”

Water Double Date – 6/13/2021

We called up our good friends Kelly and Jeff and asked if they wanted to do a paddling double date on the Missouri river. I promised to bring all the supplies and do most of the work if they provided the company. I was quite surprised when they agreed. Of course I needed to make … Continue reading “Water Double Date – 6/13/2021”

Sunset Race – 6/11/2021

We had a great June Sunset Race. I was lucky enough to convince Danelle to paddle with me. We had other characters out there with us. This monthly gathering is such a great way to stay in touch with my paddling community! My lovely wife and I. Melissa and Eric Jo Jo and Eric Plus … Continue reading “Sunset Race – 6/11/2021”

Alton Paddle – 6/7/2021

I’ve been wanting to take my Epic V7 out for some more adventurous paddling. Today, I decided to put in near the Melvin Price Lock and Dam and go upstream in Alton. I started in the Alton Slough where I found that the water is extremely shallow. I had a hard time going out and … Continue reading “Alton Paddle – 6/7/2021”

Strawberry Syrup – 6/6/2021

We love home made strawberry jelly. We’ve made it before, but its been a few years. We recently went to a strawberry patch to pick them, but we were too late in the season. We purchased what strawberries they had left and brought them home. Then we invited Danelle’s parents over to help us make … Continue reading “Strawberry Syrup – 6/6/2021”

Track Awards – 5/18/2021

With Covid-19 still a thing the track awards were scaled back. Only the athletes receiving awards and their families were allowed to attend in person. Corvin was not getting an award, so heĀ  opted to watch on Zoom with several other teammates. They had a large screen in the gym with the Zoom participants. And … Continue reading “Track Awards – 5/18/2021”