Prom Dress Shopping – 2/10/2024

We’ve been driving past Frew’s Bridal shop in Alton for over a year now. Sonora always looks longingly at the dresses in the window as we pass by. Today on our way through Alton, she had us stop and look for prom dresses. Being a decent drive from our house, she was hoping for a … Continue reading “Prom Dress Shopping – 2/10/2024”

Hole In The Ground – 2/8/2024

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but construction feels like its finally started. We’ve owned the land for a while and they finally put a big hole in it! By that, I mean digging the foundation. Is it perfect, sadly no. They found non-virgin soil in part of the dig. This means that they … Continue reading “Hole In The Ground – 2/8/2024”

Scholarship Interview – 1/27/2024

It was a cold rainy Saturday, but our spirits were high. Danelle, Sonora, and I were driving to Missouri State University. Sonora had earned an invitation for the final interview for the Presidential Scholarship. We had nervous excitement as we had done all the preparation that we could. Now it was up to Sonora do … Continue reading “Scholarship Interview – 1/27/2024”

Upper Limits – 1/17/2024

Corvin really loves rock climbing. Most of his activities are indoor, but he does have equipment for climbing outdoors as well. When he is in town, he gets to Upper Limits  to climb a few times a week. When he doesn’t have a climbing partner his age, I substitute in. I don’t climb much, but … Continue reading “Upper Limits – 1/17/2024”

Bowling – 1/15/2024

We were looking for something to do together on a  cold winter day. Our best idea was bowling. To up the ante, we invited Danelle’s parents, Carol and Henry. They had Mark over and we brought them along as well. The whole crew of intrepid bowlers sans myself taking the photo. No worries, my selfie … Continue reading “Bowling – 1/15/2024”

Indoor Volleyball – 1/9/2024

We don’t talk about it much, but Danelle has been on a volleyball team for about 15 years. The cast of characters has evolved over time as people leave and join. Her brother Brian was on the team and she joined. She’s the longest lasting player on the team. I eventually joined the team as … Continue reading “Indoor Volleyball – 1/9/2024”

December – 2023

We were thrilled to have Corvin home for winter break. With it being his second year of college and not having Coty around, the time with him was more precious. He didn’t waste any time getting cozy. It also appears the cats missed him too! Henry and Carol got in on the cat love as … Continue reading “December – 2023”

A New Years Tradition – 12/13/2023

We’ve been celebrating New Years with the Neimeyer’s for 24 years! It started as a simple visit to an apartment in Lawrence, KS in 1999. From there to multiple cities in the Midwest until we both settled in St. Louis. Complacency can get the best of anybody and we started mixing it up with trips … Continue reading “A New Years Tradition – 12/13/2023”