Voting – 11/3/2020

We got in line early to vote. Holy cow the line was long. Between social distancing and people wanting their vote counted, the morning turnout was large! Image is on the “wrong” side of the building as it wrapped a long ways around. We ended up in line about 2 hours. Found out later that… Continue reading Voting – 11/3/2020

October – 2020

All I can say is CATS! Brawndo is HUGE, blocking the whole laptop keyboard and still growing. And yes, I should clean my desk! Good thing I don’t need to write too much! Our two biggest don’t like to be photographed. Out with Sonora! Hogan Haake

2020 Cross Country District Championships – 10/31/2020

One of the more amazing things about 2020 is that the Cross Country season wasn’t ended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The meets have been very different this year. Most of the meets didn’t allow spectators. When they did allow spectators, we needed masks on. More surprising yet, almost everybody at the meets complied and… Continue reading 2020 Cross Country District Championships – 10/31/2020

11th Annual Race To The Dome – 10/10/2020

Race To The Dome is a paddle race on the Missouri river and a fundraiser for Missouri River Relief. There is a long and short version of the race. This year was my second time participating and paddling the short 16 mile course. I was on a team with Sonora, Melissa, and Bernie in the… Continue reading 11th Annual Race To The Dome – 10/10/2020