Pastaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh – 7/23/2022

Sometimes, you just look for a random excuse to hang out with your friends. There is no occasion or reason other than to be together. Today, Kelly and Jeff came over and we made Pasta from scratch. You have to start by mixing the ingredients, its a mess! Jeff is hand mixing the start of … Continue reading “Pastaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh – 7/23/2022”

Paddle With Jeff – 7/19/2022

I worked for several years with Jeff Hug. He left in 2019 and I’ve been deeply saddened since. But when you like somebody’s company, you stay in touch. Jeff and I caught up at Creve Coeur Lake today. I race there most Tuesdays in the summer and he lives nearby. So Jeff came out to … Continue reading “Paddle With Jeff – 7/19/2022”

Sunflowers – 7/14/2022

The Missouri Department of Conservation plants a field of sunflowers every year at the Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area (801 Strodtman Rd, St. Louis, MO 63138). You can see in the map above where the 2 fields from this year are. They rotate the location each year, but do a great job of putting up signs … Continue reading “Sunflowers – 7/14/2022”

MR340 – 7/12/2022

The annual Missouri River 340 (MR340) race has been something that our family has participated in seven times since 2008. Its a 340 mile canoe and kayak race from Kansas City to Saint Louis on the Missouri river. Its a non-stop race meaning that there are no mandatory stops, just a few checkpoints for safety. … Continue reading “MR340 – 7/12/2022”

Tour De Donut – 7/9/2022

Corvin and I unicycled the Tour De Donut last year as our 47th state of our 48 state unicycle trip. Last year we did the 14 mile “donut hole” short version of the 34 mile race. This year, I started training to unicycle the whole 34 mile race. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal and … Continue reading “Tour De Donut – 7/9/2022”

Webster Groves 4th of July Parade – 7/4/2022

This July 4th, the Haake family returned to the Webster Groves Community Days parade to support another cause. In 2010, we had a rain barrel float with the River des Peres Watershed Coalition. In 2019, we joined the WG Sustainability Commission, promoting green living in our community – and showing off the unicycles. This year, … Continue reading “Webster Groves 4th of July Parade – 7/4/2022”

Corvin’s Graduation Party – 7/1/2022

Corvin is pretty chill about everything. Danelle continued to ask him if he was going to have a graduation party with his friends. Finally she told him he couldn’t go out with friends till he picked a date, and today was that date. There wasn’t much warning, but lots of friends showed up. First, some … Continue reading “Corvin’s Graduation Party – 7/1/2022”