Assembling Foundation Walls – 3/19/2024

Now that the short wall is done and the footer has been poured, its time to assemble the foundation forms. These are put together to form the foundation walls of the house. They come in on large trucks waiting to be assembled.

Most of the trucks are filled with the forms, but there are areas with smaller pieces and the parts to tie them all together. Here is the main footer area to be worked on.

They built a shorter wall with the forms to start with and assembled lots of rebar.

Next the largest forms are placed and tied into the small walls to make them full sized.

One of the more interesting things to me is seeing the spacers that are used. In order to get the forms a uniform distance apart, spacers are placed between the forms. As a bonus, rebar is laid on the spacers. Its a great way to strengthen the wall uniformly and keep them the same distance apart. The spacers protrude out of the concrete after it dries. They are often left, but can be bent or broken off for a clean finish. I remember seeing these in my basement growing up and wondered why they were there! Its fascinating to finally understand why.

Here you can see the spacers sticking out of the short wall that was previously poured.

I can clearly see that there is quite a bit of work left to do, likely they will pour the foundation tomorrow. I’m very excited to be here for that!

Hogan Haake

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