Victory Motorcycle Demo Ride – 10/11/2014

I met Eric Ent early on a Saturday to do a demo of Victory motorcycles. We met at the dealership and walked around looking at all of the motorcycles. Lined up next to a semi truck were about 20 examples of Victory’s finest bikes ready for us to try out. Eric is a newer rider, … Continue reading “Victory Motorcycle Demo Ride – 10/11/2014”

Hannah and Company – 6/26/2014

My sister Hannah and her friends Tiffany, Shelby, and Kaley came to visit for a few days.  Being poor college students, Hannah depended on her big brother to give her free room and board plus some entertainment. And being the good brother, I didn’t let them down. The weekend started with a call from Hannah … Continue reading “Hannah and Company – 6/26/2014”

2014 9th Annual Missouri River 340 Race

(Last updated 8/14/14 7:40p)     Hogan Haake and Jo Newbold are participating in Mixed Tandem for the MR340 race this year. They start at 8 am Tuesday August 12th, 2014. They are listed as boat #0306, team “Donut & Maple Syrup”. The team name comes from their respective nutrition needs. Hogan prefers good old fashioned … Continue reading “2014 9th Annual Missouri River 340 Race”