Short Wall – 3/12/2024

I had mentioned previously that the hole for the foundation needed extra digging. That also meant that we needed more rock for the hole. Today with the rock there, they were pouring the concrete that would be the support wall for the full foundation. It is better to spend the additional money now on the foundation and make sure that our house doesn’t settle causing major issues after its built. Now the foundation company is back, I’m not sure anybody used this ladder, but it was there.

It seems crazy, but also makes sense, every foundation needs a footer. This is the concrete (or maybe flat surface) that the foundation will be built on. They had already poured the footer and were ready to build the foundation (short wall is what they called it).

And on top of the footer, they placed this form for the short wall. I was surprised how labor intensive it was to put each form in place.

It looks rather simple from this long view, but each part of the form is hand connected to the next with multiple pieces to make it strong. When the concrete truck arrived, the team worked fast to pour the concrete and start the finishing.

When finished, rebar was sticking out to ensure the next layer would bond firmly.

With the short wall in place, the team started preparing for the footer for the rest of the foundation.

The outline is starting to take shape and we’re excited to see what happens next! Before leaving, I spent the time to go up the utility pole and bring down our stop motion camera. I can check on the batteries and download all of the data to date.

Finally, check out a short video of the pouring.

Hogan Haake


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