Cleared Orchard and Gravel – 2/13/2024

I came out to work from the shed today. When I arrived, I found that the excavation company brought the backhoe to the orchard and pulled out the remaining large trees. While it saved a lot of work, it wasn’t exactly what I thought I communicated for them to do. Most of the debris was … Continue reading “Cleared Orchard and Gravel – 2/13/2024”

Hole In The Ground – 2/8/2024

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but construction feels like its finally started. We’ve owned the land for a while and they finally put a big hole in it! By that, I mean digging the foundation. Is it perfect, sadly no. They found non-virgin soil in part of the dig. This means that they … Continue reading “Hole In The Ground – 2/8/2024”