Coty’s Graduation – 5/19/2023

When Coty came to the US, she enrolled into high school as a junior. The school made some exceptions and granted her status as a senior. Just her language skills alone would give her that status in my opinion. So today we celebrated Coty graduating from high school! She walked with the senior class. Here … Continue reading “Coty’s Graduation – 5/19/2023”

Dresser Island Paddle – 5/4/2023

We saw an open invitation by adventure extraordinaire and friend, Dan Strieker to come out and paddle Dresser Island. Dan often goes off on paddling adventures and posts them out to Facebook. I didn’t want to be left out this time and it sounded awesome. Danelle was able to come with me. Dan was there … Continue reading “Dresser Island Paddle – 5/4/2023”

Transportation Museum with Coty – 4/2/2023

Danelle and I took Coty out to the National Museum of Transportation today.  Its been many years since we’ve been here. We were even members for several years as the kids loved the trains and other activities they have available. Coty isn’t afraid to do anything. She stopped to put her face in these signs. … Continue reading “Transportation Museum with Coty – 4/2/2023”

Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023

My sister Hannah came if for the last part of her spring break. We’re always happy to have her visit us and treat her well so she’ll come back as often as she wants. I also cause a bit of trouble when she is here to entertain her. We went to the grocery store and … Continue reading “Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023”

Laura’s Place – 3/10/2023

Laura invited us over to her place for the evening. A mutual friend had an event downtown and it was an excuse to hang out. Being the “crazy uncle” to everybody’s kids, I got eve to put whipped cream straight into her mouth from the spray can. No surprise, she loved it! We spent most … Continue reading “Laura’s Place – 3/10/2023”

Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023

We’ve been wanting to get Danelle’s parents out to Danforth to hang out with us for a while. We used her dad’s birthday and decent weather as an excuse. We started off by taking them to Panera for lunch. They don’t go out much and this has become their favorite place to eat (when we … Continue reading “Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023”