Lower Meramec Cleanup – 8/23/2020

I decided that I wanted to do a Stream Team cleanup. I contacted Bernie to see if there was anything going on that we could participate in. Bernie does cleanups almost every weekend and he didn’t disappoint. He had a trip planned on the Lower Meramec River. Since the whole family was available, we brought… Continue reading Lower Meramec Cleanup – 8/23/2020

Paddling Marshal Road – 6/20/2015

I promise, this is the last of my insanely frequent visits to the Meramec River in Valley Park. I took the kids earlier in the day to see it and I just wanted to paddle it myself. So I went out to the river with my kayak! Hogan Haake

Date Night – 6/19/2015

This was our last night without the kids. We decided to go out on a date together. I wanted to go out to the St. Charles area for dinner. For a change of scenery and to see the Missouri River Flooding. Danelle didn’t want to go there due to traffic. So we ended up going… Continue reading Date Night – 6/19/2015