Winter Paddle – 12/4/2020

I had some vacation days to burn or I would loose them. Danelle wasn’t available, so I called JoJo. She was available and we prepared for an adventure. We decided to paddle from Route 66 state park back to Greentree park where we normally paddle from. Just upstream from Sherman Beach access, there is a … Continue reading “Winter Paddle – 12/4/2020”

11th Annual Race To The Dome – 10/10/2020

Race To The Dome is a paddle race on the Missouri river and a fundraiser for Missouri River Relief. There is a long and short version of the race. This year was my second time participating and paddling the short 16 mile course. I was on a team with Sonora, Melissa, and Bernie in the … Continue reading “11th Annual Race To The Dome – 10/10/2020”

September – 2020

Another month has moved by quickly. We’re still home more than we want with COVID-19 around. You can tell by the number of cat photos we have this month. Trying to capture Brawndo looking stately. Somehow a sink is the same as a cat bed. Not something I encourage, but I often get overridden. Coatrack’s … Continue reading “September – 2020”

Grafton Paddle – 9/23/2020

I had a random day off of work and I wanted to get in some paddling somewhere new to me. Danelle was working and not able to join me. So I contacted JoJo and Jason to see what they thought. They were up for anything. Along the way we also picked up Mark Fish to … Continue reading “Grafton Paddle – 9/23/2020”

Missouri River Paddle – 9/20/2020

Sonora and I signed up to do the Race To The Dome paddle race. We decided to race in our C4 canoe with Bernie and Melissa. Ok, maybe Melissa asked us to race and we said YES, but who’s really counting? Our first practice paddle (and only) was Weldon Springs back to Blanchette. Sonora and … Continue reading “Missouri River Paddle – 9/20/2020”

Sunset Race with Sonora – 9/10/2020

My monthly Sunset Race has an ever changing cast of characters. This month we had two boats. Sonora and I in our Grumman and Eric. But unlike other months, we had ground crew??? Basically, Melissa and Danelle came out to drink beer at the ramp and hang out while we paddled 🙂 I’m just about … Continue reading “Sunset Race with Sonora – 9/10/2020”

Mississippi Paddle – 9/7/2020

I wanted to paddle somewhere different. Sonora and Danelle were up for the challenge. I don’t remember who’s idea it was, but it doesn’t  matter. We decided to paddle on the Mississippi river. Starting in a pool just off the river near the damn and working our way upriver just a bit. We didn’t want … Continue reading “Mississippi Paddle – 9/7/2020”

Kansas City Weekend – 9/5/2020

There was an upcoming kayak race, The Gritty on the Kansas River. Its a late season race and I was excited to see how I did in my new Epic V7. I called my dad to see if he could facilitate driving me out to the start and leaving a car for the finish since … Continue reading “Kansas City Weekend – 9/5/2020”