Paddling With Dave – 9/23/2023

I have several very interesting friends. One of those friends is Dave O’Leary. We met from the volleyball team that we mutually play on. Dave posts a lot on social media and seems to always be doing something and asking for friends to join him. Today, Danelle and I reached out and joined him for … Continue reading “Paddling With Dave – 9/23/2023”

Firecracker Race – 9/16/2023

The Mississippi River Water Trail Association hosts the Firecracker Race as a fundraiser for their organization. I had paddled this race before when it was just laps around Ellis Bay and didn’t care for it. This year, they switched to a downriver paddle that I was excited about. Add that to the fact that Danelle … Continue reading “Firecracker Race – 9/16/2023”

Sunset Race – 9/14/2023

There is a part of me that wishes the Sunset Race was more popular. That would mean more boats out every month enjoying the water. As it sits, its a monthly reminder for me to use my boats and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the time I have some company. Today it was just myself … Continue reading “Sunset Race – 9/14/2023”

August Sunset Race – 8/10/2023

I convinced Sonora to come out with me to the Sunset Race tonight. She wasn’t feeling super great for paddling. I told her to just sit up front and only paddle when she wanted to, we were there to have fun and hang out. It didn’t take long before she was laughing in the front … Continue reading “August Sunset Race – 8/10/2023”

Dresser Island Paddle – 5/4/2023

We saw an open invitation by adventure extraordinaire and friend, Dan Strieker to come out and paddle Dresser Island. Dan often goes off on paddling adventures and posts them out to Facebook. I didn’t want to be left out this time and it sounded awesome. Danelle was able to come with me. Dan was there … Continue reading “Dresser Island Paddle – 5/4/2023”

Emergency Repair On My Epic V7 – 2/4/2023

Since I’m planning to use my Epic V7 in the MR340 this year, I figured it was time to make sure it was up to the task. I’ll be making more updates and documenting them here. Today’s job was to put a more robust hatch cover on to help keep water out. I went to … Continue reading “Emergency Repair On My Epic V7 – 2/4/2023”