Cat Shelter – 9/26/2020

Our cats are always looking for something new to do. Like all cats, they enjoy hiding in small boxes. Danelle decided to give them something new. She took an old shirt and some coat hangers and created a new place to hide. It may be simple, but they love it! Sushi enjoys being inside. Brawndo… Continue reading Cat Shelter – 9/26/2020

June 2020

Always cat photos. Since we’re spending more time at home with COVID-19 around, we spend more time messing with the cats! Brawndo is getting bigger. Brawndo looks tiny, but don’t let that fool you, he is growing fast! Sushi is our most normal cat, but we still give her attention as well!   Coatrack is… Continue reading June 2020

July – 2018

Since we have a new cat, Sushi, there will be too many photos of her. Its hard not to like a kitten! There is no such thing as too much Brian Waldrop. Which one is real? They moved the bike rack at work, but didn’t do such a great job re-attaching it… I was worried… Continue reading July – 2018