Paddling at Creve Coeur Lake – 6/6/2020

We decided to paddle a second day in a row. With 3 boats loaded on the trailer and a 10×10 pop up, we were ready to weather the sun and hang out for the morning.

Corvin and I hung out in the shade while Danelle and Maggie paddled in the canoe.

Sonora followed next in Tangelo

And Hannah came in last. But to be fair, she was in the slowest boat!

Eventually, Kelly, Jeff, and Mason came out to join us. Kelly, Mason, and I paddled the canoe around the lake for a bit having a good time. Jeff didn’t want to get in the water, but he did walk around the lake! It was a nice refreshing day to share with friends and family.

Hogan Haake

Family Paddle at Simpson Lake – 6/5/2020

Paddling is something that I mostly do and the rest of the family puts up with. We don’t do it enough together even though we have enough boats. Since we got a trailer earlier this year, there is no excuse not to get the family out together and paddle! So here we go!

You can see that we have 3 boats on the trailer, 2 up top and one below. When I say family paddle, I mean substitute Danelle for Maggie and Corvin for Hannah 🙂 You can see 3 of the 4 of us in this shot going up Grand Glaze Creek.


It was great seeing the girls enjoy the freedom of paddling. Maggie and Hannah don’t get much time in a kayak and it took a long time after we finished for their smiles to fade! I”m glad I was able to bring more of our boats our tonight and bring joy to our extended family!

Hogan Haake



May 2020

We’ve finished the third full month of COVID-19 in the US. We’ve done a decent job of keeping socially distant, but sometimes Corvin and I just need to get out. So we go on unicycle rides!

We went out to Jo Jo’s place near the St. Francis river to help her dismantle an old barn. Mark found a large black rat snake that he caught and relocated before continuing our work.

Speaking of wildlife, we’ve been taking groceries to Danelle’s parents to keep them out of stores and safe. When visiting their house, we check on the baby birds in the carport.

In the spirit of staying socially distant I have not gotten my hair cut. I got it up in a small bun to annoy the girls.

And finally, what would the Internet be without a cat photo. They sure like having the window open!

Dad Splits Wood – 5/23/2020

My parents have had several large pieces of wood in the back yard for a few years. Mom had mentioned getting rid of it and I offered to chop it up. Not to be out done, my dad said he wanted first crack at it! Unfortunately, he had so much fun, there wasn’t much for me to do but clean up the mess when he finished up!

Nice job dad! Now I know where I get it from!

Hogan Haake

April – 2020

Our first full month of COVID-19. We mostly stayed at home trying to stay safe and not catch it. I brought home the plants from the office that I care for. The cats were quite interested in them.

It didn’t take long before I started being silly with my Zoom meetings.

I took several long motorcycle rides to keep sane.

And more cat madness. It is what the Internet is for! Brawndo looks so small here

Hogan Haake