Henry and Carol’s 50th Anniversary – 7/14/2019

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Danelle and Brian organized a party at Cyrano’s to celebrate. Many years before, Henry and Carol had one of their first dates at Cyrano’s, making the venue especially appropriate.

We were very excited to have a great turnout.  All of Henry and Carol’s siblings, children, and grandchildren were there, as well as many nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews.

It’s not a party without a little fun influencing the next generation of trouble-makers!

I didn’t catch the joke, but there was a lot of laughing!

With the grandkids….

Brian and Danelle each said a few words talking about their parents.

It seems that the Haake family has not quite cornered the market on goofiness.  Carol with her brother and sister made sure the columns at Cyrano’s would be able to stand up against some massive pressure.

Hogan Haake


Family Day – 4/21/2019

I’ve been out to Don Robinson State park a few times now, but just had the urge to hike it again. I got the whole family packed up and in the car to go out and hike. It can often be hard to get a family together when they have convenient entertainment like NetFlix and phones at their hand. So you have to be creative. The fence below is metal. We took turns gently striking it with different objects (mostly wood) to make sounds as we walked by for our hike.

Somebody made a teepee out on the path and we decided to check it out.

The look I most often get from Sonora when asking her to go out of her convenience (comfort) zone.

We didn’t hike as long as I was interested in but we were all together. When we got home, I went on a unicycle ride to use up a bit more energy!

After my ride, we went over to Henry and Carol’s house for croquette and dessert. A perfect end to a day with my family!

Hogan Haake

Harry Potter at the Symphony – 4/14/2019

I purchased tickets from CineConcerts to see the St. Louis Symphony play “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. The jest of this is that the movie is played on a large screen while the orchestra plays the musical score of the movie live in front of us. We also took Danelle’s parents with us.

The start of the concert was a bit disappointing. About 15 minutes before the movie started, a preview with behind the scenes footage of the movies started playing. People in the audience didn’t get quiet, causing us to miss nearly all the sound.

It was fascinating hearing the orchestra play the score during the movie. There were two drawbacks to the performance. First is the wooden floor of Powell Hall creaked during the whole performance. Second was that after intermission, people just started fidgeting and making lots of noise. Were we at home, I would just stop the movie till the kids settled down.

This movie series is really cool to see and I recommend seeing it at least once!

Hogan Haake

Kirkwood Track Meet – 3/27/2019

Corvin had a track meet at Kirkwood High School. His grandparents live a few blocks from the school. We parked the car at their house and walked back to the house. For this meet he was in the first (4x800m), middle (1600m), and last (3200m) events. That meant that we would be there for the whole meet. He ran decent, getting better in each event. Here are a few photos of the event.

Hogan Haake

Game Night – 3/9/2019

As my kids get older, I realize what an effort it is to be a family. Everybody has their own agenda and events that are important to them. But Henry and Carol do a great job inviting us to come over and hang out. And they are always fun events! The excess dessert is also fun 🙂

We also celebrated Henry’s birthday, a great get together.

Hogan Haake