Waterfall Root Docking – 11/22/2020

Sonora and I went out to Waterfall to get out of the house. There, she worked on a fire to burn honeysuckle. With her keeping the fire going, I spent my time root docking honeysuckle. This helps our woods get clear and provides wood for the fire. Bringing it up to be burnt! We had … Continue reading “Waterfall Root Docking – 11/22/2020”

Waterfall and Root Docking – 10/22/2020

Danelle went out to Waterfall today to meet up with a friend, Jay Doty who is doing some work for us. But first, Danelle found a Wheel bug and managed to get a fantastic photo of it on the deck. She wants you to notice the ridges just behind its head. No back to her … Continue reading “Waterfall and Root Docking – 10/22/2020”

Solar Eclipse at Waterfall – 8/21/2017

We took the kids out of school and invited some SLU students to come out to Waterfall to enjoy the event with us. It was away from civilization and promised to have a decent view. Our property was in the path of the totality, making it a perfect viewing spot! We decided to spend the … Continue reading “Solar Eclipse at Waterfall – 8/21/2017”