Jason’s 50th Birthday Party

Jason is turning 50 and Jo planned a nice get together to celebrate. We started off meeting at the Venice Cafe. This place started around the time of the City Museum. Every inch of the place is decorated! unfortunately for us, it was November and most of the place was closed. The bar was open, so we got to get a glimpse of what it would be in the summer time. I will have to go back and take Danelle as its quite the site!

Joe Sartori on the left and the birthday boy, Jason Locke on the right inside Venice Cafe.

After a few drinks, it was time to move on. Jason with the cement frog outside.

Judy taking his photo.

We walked over to Frazer’s restaurant for dinner. Its one of the fancier places I’ve been to eat before. Not what I consider fake fancy like Ruth’s Chris where the food is extra expensive so it has to feel special. The food here was presented in unique ways with interesting flavors. Definitely worth a visit for unique quality food.

Dinner lasted a long time and we had a fantastic time chatting. Jo brewed a special beer for the occasion as a gift to each of us for coming. She also baked a delicious cake that we shared for dessert. A perfect birthday for a landmark year!

Hogan Haake

10 Years of the Sunset Race – 11/8/2018

Today was our 120th Sunset Race. Ten years of going out paddling the second Thursday of the month. Unfortunately, I was very sick that day. There was no way I would be able to paddle, but I drove out with champagne to celebrate before going back home to sleep.

Joe in the front and Jo Jo next to me. We’re the main crew for the Sunset Race. Nobody better to celebrate with!

Hogan Haake

118th Sunset Race – 9/13/2018

If you’re curious about our event, its always the second Thursday of each month. Events are announced about 1 week in advance posted at the following 2 locations.

Scroll to the last post to see it.

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I wonder how many more times I can say that the Sunset Race provided me with new entertainment. It seems like every time I go out to the river, a new experience awaits me. I started this one my favorite way. I went out about 90 minutes before the start and got in a unicycle ride.

When I got back from the unicycle ride a few paddlers had already shown up and more were arriving as we were getting close to starting. I had yet to put my boat in the water, but others has. That is when we noticed a hot air balloon coming our way very low. It eventually landed in a field about a 1/2 mile from the ramp!

Here is the view from the ramp.

Here is the view from the water.

And in case you were wondering, we do paddle during the sunset!

A view from after we finished.

Hope some of you come out and paddle with us!

Hogan Haake