Track Awards – 5/20/2023

Track season has finished. Coty got to participate in the ceremony as a senior. She had a fantastic time and made even more friends. Sonora finished her third year earning an award for her leadership on the team. Here is the throwing team with coach. In a sad note, Coach Bufka (sorry if I spelled … Continue reading “Track Awards – 5/20/2023”

Cardinals Birthday Game – 5/15/2023

Another trip around the sun for Sonora, turning 17 today. She wanted to go to a Cardinals game and get really good seats. 4 tickets later and the GDP of a small country in TicketBastard fees and she had the seats she wanted. Front row! The lineup was Drew, Sonora, Coty, and Danelle. This game … Continue reading “Cardinals Birthday Game – 5/15/2023”

More Track – 5/5/2023

The kids had another track meet. Actually there is at least one a week during the season. Today’s track meet was focused on hair. The ladies were braiding anybody with long hair. Sonora got split braids and was quite happy with it. On a tree near the throwing area was this large moth. It didn’t … Continue reading “More Track – 5/5/2023”

Practice Prom – 4/14/2023

Prom is coming up and the girls are excited about. So excited, that they decided to try on the prom dresses early. Eva Coty And a photo with all three (sorry Sonora, I didn’t get a solo picture of you). There was lots of laughing and happiness while the girls tested out their outfits. What … Continue reading “Practice Prom – 4/14/2023”

Spring Break – 3/18/2023

It happened again this year where our schedules were conflicting. Danelle had other things to do and didn’t get to go with me for our spring break trip. For this trip, it would be Sonora, Coty, and myself (Hogan). Follow along and see what the heck we were up to. We started driving Saturday morning … Continue reading “Spring Break – 3/18/2023”

Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023

My sister Hannah came if for the last part of her spring break. We’re always happy to have her visit us and treat her well so she’ll come back as often as she wants. I also cause a bit of trouble when she is here to entertain her. We went to the grocery store and … Continue reading “Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023”