Father’s Day – 6/20/2021

When I think of Father’s Day, I like to think of a relaxing day doing whatever nothing I want and the kids leave me alone. Yeah, not very fatherly of me… And the kids wanted to treat me (meaning they said where I go and I pay). Therefore, we started off at a bowling alley. … Continue reading “Father’s Day – 6/20/2021”

Track Awards – 5/18/2021

With Covid-19 still a thing the track awards were scaled back. Only the athletes receiving awards and their families were allowed to attend in person. Corvin was not getting an award, so he  opted to watch on Zoom with several other teammates. They had a large screen in the gym with the Zoom participants. And … Continue reading “Track Awards – 5/18/2021”

Sonora’s Birthday – 5/15/2021

What could be a better celebration for Sonora’s birthday then holding all of the cats at once! Of course birthdays are best when they are celebrated. We started in the late evening hanging out with her friends in the back yard. Pizza and conversation. Of course we had cake. Chocolate cake with a peanut butter … Continue reading “Sonora’s Birthday – 5/15/2021”