Coty’s Farewell Party – 5/26/2023

Coty has spent the whole school year with us. She’s impacted our lives in the most positive way since August. Unfortunately, its time to part ways. This is her party with all of her close school friends. Some of the food we had for the party. Coty is no stranger to putting in hard work. … Continue reading “Coty’s Farewell Party – 5/26/2023”

Track Awards – 5/20/2023

Track season has finished. Coty got to participate in the ceremony as a senior. She had a fantastic time and made even more friends. Sonora finished her third year earning an award for her leadership on the team. Here is the throwing team with coach. In a sad note, Coach Bufka (sorry if I spelled … Continue reading “Track Awards – 5/20/2023”

Coty’s Graduation – 5/19/2023

When Coty came to the US, she enrolled into high school as a junior. The school made some exceptions and granted her status as a senior. Just her language skills alone would give her that status in my opinion. So today we celebrated Coty graduating from high school! She walked with the senior class. Here … Continue reading “Coty’s Graduation – 5/19/2023”

Cardinals Birthday Game – 5/15/2023

Another trip around the sun for Sonora, turning 17 today. She wanted to go to a Cardinals game and get really good seats. 4 tickets later and the GDP of a small country in TicketBastard fees and she had the seats she wanted. Front row! The lineup was Drew, Sonora, Coty, and Danelle. This game … Continue reading “Cardinals Birthday Game – 5/15/2023”

Practice Prom – 4/14/2023

Prom is coming up and the girls are excited about. So excited, that they decided to try on the prom dresses early. Eva Coty And a photo with all three (sorry Sonora, I didn’t get a solo picture of you). There was lots of laughing and happiness while the girls tested out their outfits. What … Continue reading “Practice Prom – 4/14/2023”

Transportation Museum with Coty – 4/2/2023

Danelle and I took Coty out to the National Museum of Transportation today.  Its been many years since we’ve been here. We were even members for several years as the kids loved the trains and other activities they have available. Coty isn’t afraid to do anything. She stopped to put her face in these signs. … Continue reading “Transportation Museum with Coty – 4/2/2023”