Herman’s Wedding – 8/31/2019

My brother Herman is getting married! He lives in Warsaw, Mo, but is getting married in Sedalia. Family of course came in town to see the big day. In traditional Haake fashion, we did it our way. I started off the party of weirdness when the lady at the hotel desk asked for a description… Continue reading Herman’s Wedding – 8/31/2019

Henry and Carol’s 50th Anniversary – 7/14/2019

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Danelle and Brian organized a party at Cyrano’s to celebrate. Many years before, Henry and Carol had one of their first dates at Cyrano’s, making the venue especially appropriate. We were very excited to have a great turnout.¬† All of Henry and Carol’s siblings, children, and grandchildren were… Continue reading Henry and Carol’s 50th Anniversary – 7/14/2019

St. Louis 6th Grade All Suburban Orchestra

Sonora was recommended by her music teacher to participate in the St. Louis All Suburban Orchestra. This involved her learning new music on her own and going to several practices after hours with the rest of the group. We were lucky that my parents were able to come in from Kansas City for the weekend… Continue reading St. Louis 6th Grade All Suburban Orchestra

December – 2017

My last post for 2017! Here are a few things that didn’t get their own album. Corvin dressing up at the meme Dat Boi. Danelle’s parents making silly faces with me. Sonora playing Corvin’s bass like a violin. 200,000 miles driven in our van. Now aiming for 300,000. Carol got her car totaled in an… Continue reading December – 2017

Christmas in Kansas City – 12/22/2017

We went to Kansas City for Christmas. We decided to take our time¬† coming into town. We left St. Louis on Friday morning and took a leisurely drive out US Highway 50 stopping in Jefferson City. First stop was the river. With almost no complaints, Corvin and Sonora put their coats on and walked down… Continue reading Christmas in Kansas City – 12/22/2017