Safety Boat – 6/4/2022

Danelle is a board member of the Mississippi River Water Trail Association. This group promotes use of the Mississippi river. Today they were hosting PaddleFest. It was a introduction into paddling held on a backwater of the Mississippi river. There were several parts to this event. In order to hold these events, they needed volunteers … Continue reading “Safety Boat – 6/4/2022”

Corvin’s High School Graduation – 5/24/2022

Corvin’s graduation was held at Chaifetz arena. It was a little less than a year ago that Danelle graduated and walked across this same stage. Now Corvin was here taking his own turn. The crowd filled up fast. Like any good parent, we’re always looking for our kids. Elizabeth Bacon is looking for her family. … Continue reading “Corvin’s High School Graduation – 5/24/2022”

Tag Along Work Trip – 5/7/2022

Danelle had an out of town work trip and I got to tag along for the weekend. I always treasure time with Danelle, especially getting to see her in a professional capacity. Her passion for the environment and conversation is inspiring. It also helps Danelle that she doesn’t have to drive for the trip. We … Continue reading “Tag Along Work Trip – 5/7/2022”

Swinging Bridges Ride – 5/1/2022

Brad, Joe, and I were scheduled to ride the 2022 Swinging Bridges ride. This is an annual motorcycle ride celebrating the old swinging bridges in Missouri. Its a two day ride. On Friday night, Brad and I came out separately and were meeting part of the way to the final destination. I opted to tough … Continue reading “Swinging Bridges Ride – 5/1/2022”

Paddle Stop Brewery – 7/14/2022

Danelle and I have been wanting to visit Paddle Stop Brewery since it opened. We’re acquaintances with the owners, Shane and Stacy and wanted to support their new business. We started off by finding the super quite and comfortable library room. There are several bookshelves with interesting books and a cozy feel. From there, I … Continue reading “Paddle Stop Brewery – 7/14/2022”

March Sunset Race – 3/10/2022

There are not many Sunset Races when I’m the only person that shows up. There is enough history that I didn’t dare skip paddling. I was ready to go out there. When I got to the ramp, I saw that the water had recently dropped quite a bit. Unfortunately for me, that meant that there … Continue reading “March Sunset Race – 3/10/2022”

Fults Prairie Hike – 2/12/2022

Fults Prairie is a wonderful place to hike that is approximately 90 minutes from our house in Illinois. Its located near the Mississippi river, but is up on the bluff area. Its been around 10 years since we were last here. Danelle and I wanted to get out of the house and the kids were … Continue reading “Fults Prairie Hike – 2/12/2022”