Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023

We’ve been wanting to get Danelle’s parents out to Danforth to hang out with us for a while. We used her dad’s birthday and decent weather as an excuse. We started off by taking them to Panera for lunch. They don’t go out much and this has become their favorite place to eat (when we … Continue reading “Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023”

Fort Belle Fontaine Hike – 2/25/2023

We took Coty out to hike at Fort Belle Fontaine. Its a hike we’ve done before and enjoyed a lot. It started out a bit brisk, but warmed up as we went along. We started off from the car and just started hiking. We were all in good spirits. It didn’t take long before we … Continue reading “Fort Belle Fontaine Hike – 2/25/2023”

Vacuum Repair – 2/7/2023

I was attempting to vacuum and it just smelled like the belt was burning. The only solution is to take it apart and remove the hair that is preventing it from freely moving. I’m not sure how many times I’ve taken our Oreck XL apart to clean it. Occasionally replacing parts. First, start with getting … Continue reading “Vacuum Repair – 2/7/2023”

Coty at the confluence – 1/29/2023

We picked one of the coldest days of the year to take Coty to the confluence. Its a really awesome place and I wanted her to experience it. So Danelle, Coty, and I set off to visit. Its a long drive down gravel roads to get there. Once we hopped out of the car, we … Continue reading “Coty at the confluence – 1/29/2023”

Roller Skating – 1/8/2023

We wanted to do a family event while Corvin was in town over winter break. Of course its cold out so there are not tons of things that we can do out of the house. Of course the kids really like skating. We decided to go out roller skating. The plan was just the 5 … Continue reading “Roller Skating – 1/8/2023”

Christmas in KC – 12/25/2022

We left early for Kansas City on Christmas Day. So early in fact that the kids decided to sleep just a bit more. Danelle was kind enough to stay awake with me while I drove. Once we got to KC, the kids were well rested and we went about hanging around the house. My sister … Continue reading “Christmas in KC – 12/25/2022”

Christmas Eve in St. Louis – 12/24/2022

Nothing like the holidays for pushing you to do the most possible in the least amount of time. Okay, we had a little more time, but I should explain. Corvin was scheduled to take an Amtrak train home from school. Amtrak cancelled the train 5 days in advance due to weather. I’m guessing they don’t … Continue reading “Christmas Eve in St. Louis – 12/24/2022”