Youth Orchestra – 11/13/2022

We picked up tickets for the St. Louis Symphony’s youth orchestra. Sonora loves to go and its a great excuse to get out. Laura met us at The Fountain on Locust for lunch. The food menu is just meh, but that isn’t what they are known for. They have a HUGE collection of ice cream … Continue reading “Youth Orchestra – 11/13/2022”

Sick Of Camping? – 10/15/2022

We decided to go camping on a whim. We went to the state website to reserve a site at one of the lovely Missouri State Parks. To our dismay, it seems everybody else also wanted to go camping. We found a spot after lots of searching at Sam A Baker State Park. The park is … Continue reading “Sick Of Camping? – 10/15/2022”

Corvin’s Birthday – 10/8/2022

Corvin has been gone for about a month at school now. We’ve talked to him a few times, but mostly he is just away doing his thing. For his birthday, I was coming up to Wisconsin to see him and take him to his first NFL game. It started off Friday evening after work. I … Continue reading “Corvin’s Birthday – 10/8/2022”

September – 2023

Danelle’s parents have been having trouble with their laptops recently. I convinced them to get updated ones. One of the driving reasons was having the same laptop might make it easier to support. If it worked on one, it should always work on the other, right? Here we are setting them up. Hopefully they enjoy … Continue reading “September – 2023”

Adventure Palloza – 9/22/2023

This is my 3rd year participating in Adventure Palooza. I completed my first year, broke down my second year and was looking to finish this year. I’ve made minor updates to my V-Strom 650 to prepare it and protect it from falls that could end my ride early. I expected to have some minor falls. … Continue reading “Adventure Palloza – 9/22/2023”

Move In – 9/3/2022

Its been a long summer with lots of things going on. We had Coty arrive and now its time to send Corvin away to college. All of Corvin’s friends have already left for college and he has nobody local to hang around with. He was ready to leave. Friday afternoon, we picked up a rental … Continue reading “Move In – 9/3/2022”

Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022

Like too many nights, we didn’t want to cook dinner. It was almost time to take Corvin to college and we just wanted a relaxing time together. Sonora picked Panera (St. Louis Bread Company) for dinner. We went out to get our food. The kids are getting along fantastic and we’re having wonderful conversation. Sonora … Continue reading “Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022”

My Parent’s 50th Anniversary – 8/20/2022

50 years ago [yesterday], my parents were married. They are celebrating 50 years of being together. They planned a grand adventure for kids and grand kids, but COVID got in the way of their plans. Even with the huge list of friends, co-workers, and extended family, they skipped the traditional large party. They opted to … Continue reading “My Parent’s 50th Anniversary – 8/20/2022”

Sunset Race 165 – 8/12/2022

Today was our 165th Sunset Race. We had a decent turn out of people and phenomenal turnout for the weather! I had my phone out and got some great shots of my fellow paddlers. JoJo in the front of my canoe. A selfie in the back of the canoe with Eric in his solo canoe. … Continue reading “Sunset Race 165 – 8/12/2022”

First Time On The Missouri – 7/30/2022

I mentioned a few posts ago that I paddled with my friend Jeff Hug. Jeff had never paddled out on the Missouri River before. He wanted his first time to be with somebody he trusted that also had experience. On that last paddle, we planned this one to get him out on the river. We … Continue reading “First Time On The Missouri – 7/30/2022”