June 2020

Always cat photos. Since we’re spending more time at home with COVID-19 around, we spend more time messing with the cats! Brawndo is getting bigger. Brawndo looks tiny, but don’t let that fool you, he is growing fast! Sushi is our most normal cat, but we still give her attention as well!   Coatrack is… Continue reading June 2020

November – 2019

Sometimes you look back at the photos taken and wonder what you were thinking. I’ll let you bet the judge of this one. Sonora does love Coatrack! I put up Christmas lights and may have overdone it. Uncle Hiatt would be proud! Hogan Haake

Christmas Cat – 12/15/2018

Our oldest cat, Coatrack is on his second Christmas season with us. He wanted to celebrate. Starting by being on top of the coats. The previous night, Danelle wasn’t sleeping well, so she slept on the sofa. She heard Coatrack in the Christmas tree. I wanted to see this for myself, so I put some… Continue reading Christmas Cat – 12/15/2018

Coatrack In The Van

Coatrack, our large tuxedo colored cat is still very new to us. We’ve had him for a year and I don’t remember him ever going in the car except when we brought him home and maybe a followup vet trip. So I brought him with Corvin and I for a quick out and back trip.… Continue reading Coatrack In The Van