Foundation Pour – 3/21/2024

We’ve finally arrived at a monumental day. They are pouring concrete for the foundation of the house. Everybody in the neighborhood was very curious as to what was going on. Including this deer!

The guys had been working hard getting the forms set and ready. I had mentioned previously about how much work it takes to prep the forms. Check out how much rebar and spacers are in this single photo below.

The site was almost ready. Here’s a shot of nearly all the forms.

There was however one perplexing thing I had yet to figure out. There were now two spots dug out that were not there before. The workers don’t seem to do any more work than necessary.

And before I knew it, I had my answer. They were dug out for the supports of the concrete boom truck. This would keep it farther away from the foundation hole.

I was treating the concrete truck as entertainment. See, the concrete boom truck was very expensive to rent, but would ultimately save labor time and overall money. Just the same, I was going to watch so I could get my full money’s worth! All systems looked like a go and we only had to wait for the concrete truck to get there for the real fun to begin. It took the pump truck several minutes to unfold its arm and perform some positioning checks. Now we wait for concrete.

With the concrete truck in place, they unloaded concrete into the black box on the back of the pump truck. A short test pour and they added some water and mixed further before beginning. The workers walked on top of the forms without any apparent fear of falling. With the forms filled, other workers came behind and started smoothing and placing bolts to attach the frame later. I worried that if I blinked, I would miss it. Seeing the video below will fill in some of the gaps of what I’ve tried to explain.


Hogan Haake

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