Sonora’s Birthday – 5/15/2021

What could be a better celebration for Sonora’s birthday then holding all of the cats at once! Of course birthdays are best when they are celebrated. We started in the late evening hanging out with her friends in the back yard. Pizza and conversation. Of course we had cake. Chocolate cake with a peanut butter … Continue reading “Sonora’s Birthday – 5/15/2021”

State 48 – Missouri

8/29/2021 Today is the day that we officially complete our 48 state unicycle journey. Its hard to believe its over. I’ve seen our growth as we get more comfortable with visiting each state and documenting our journey together. The smiles in our faces of the state photo above tells of how we feel about the … Continue reading “State 48 – Missouri”

We Got A Chipper – 5/8/2021

We purchased a chipper to help get rid of wood waste that we cut down on our new property. As an added bonus, we could use the chips as mulch and never have to purchase mulch again. First, a view of the area that we cleared out. It won’t look like much, but there were … Continue reading “We Got A Chipper – 5/8/2021”

Disc Golf Again – 4/6/2021

We used to play Disc Golf all the time. Things change, but we come back to it. Today was one of those days. Beautiful spring day outside. We decided to play Unger Park in Fenton, Mo. Spring flowers were nearly jumping at us. The photo below belonged in a wedding with the bed of flowers … Continue reading “Disc Golf Again – 4/6/2021”

State 47 – Illinois

7/10/2021 There are many iconic places in Illinois that we could unicycle at. Several places in Chicago come to mind, but that has been done so many times before. Instead, I had something better planned. I’ve heard about and not participated for many years in the Tour de Donut. Its an annual event held during … Continue reading “State 47 – Illinois”