Christmas in KC – 12/22/2023

We decided to celebrate Christmas in Kansas City this year. Dad’s house was full, so we elected to stay at Hannah’s house. We came into town Friday evening. We spent some time getting settled and playing with Hannah’s cats. Saturday morning came around and we hung around the house until we went out for an … Continue reading “Christmas in KC – 12/22/2023”

Family Photos From The Past – 12/21/2023

After mom died in May of 2023, her children collected all of the printed photos in the house.I had wanted to scan these in the past, but mom was always working on them. For years, I’ve wanted access to them to scan and get them shared with others. Hayden had scanned a few with a … Continue reading “Family Photos From The Past – 12/21/2023”

Nathan’s Concert – 12/20/2023

We were invited to Nathan’s concert. Steve and Jackie have been to several of our kid’s concerts and we were excited to hear Nathan play again. And we had a full crew there to listen as well! Sonora and Danelle sitting with me. And the proud parents, Steve and Jackie. But really the star of … Continue reading “Nathan’s Concert – 12/20/2023”