Paddle Training – 6/26/2022

Today is the last paddle training before Danelle and Sonora’s MR340 race. They got a nice easy run from Weldon Springs back to Blanchette. This is about 20 miles. The wind played tricks on them making them earn each of the miles that they paddled. Still a great day to be on the water! Now … Continue reading “Paddle Training – 6/26/2022”

START – 6/24/2022

Corvin is attending the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse this fall. He’ll be a freshman in college. We’re nervous about this change as we’ve never had a child go off to college. Add to that that you never really want to let your kiddos go! Today was the day that Corvin was going to LaCrosse for … Continue reading “START – 6/24/2022”

Paddle and Unicycle Training – 6/19/2022

The girls had another paddle scheduled to train for the MR340. We arranged to pick up Denise and shuttle her. This was a bonus to help out a friend and some safety for Danelle and Sonora. Having other people on the water is great for safety. After meeting at Blanchette Landing, the take out, we … Continue reading “Paddle and Unicycle Training – 6/19/2022”

Grandma’s House – 6/19/2022

We went over to Grandpa Henry and Grandma Carol’s house to hang out for the afternoon. Its wonderful to visit them and see how they are doing. I even managed to sneak a photo of them. Danelle is showing her mom something interesting on her phone. Somehow we all ended up being silly on the … Continue reading “Grandma’s House – 6/19/2022”

May – 2022

It looks like car selfies were a thing this month. First up is in Danelle’s car taking the girls home from track practice. Next with Corvin and Sonora in the Virus. A month isn’t complete without some cats. Corvin hanging out with Sushi in the morning. She is always pointed with her head towards freedom … Continue reading “May – 2022”

Nimbus Nightfox – 6/15/2022

I’ve been wanting to better my unicycle distance for a while. I have a Coker 36″ Big One unicycle. While its nice, it isn’t quite right for me. I decided that life is short and I would try an upgrade to the Nimbus Nightfox. Once ordered using money from my birthday, I figured I could … Continue reading “Nimbus Nightfox – 6/15/2022”

Paddle Training – 6/12/2022

Danelle and Sonora wanted to get more paddle training for this year’s MR340 race. I drove them out to the Klondike ramp and dropped them off. First prepping the boat from the land. Once they were all packed up, they shoved off into the Big Muddy. Once they were off, I went back to the … Continue reading “Paddle Training – 6/12/2022”

Safety Boat – 6/4/2022

Danelle is a board member of the Mississippi River Water Trail Association. This group promotes use of the Mississippi river. Today they were hosting PaddleFest. It was a introduction into paddling held on a backwater of the Mississippi river. There were several parts to this event. In order to hold these events, they needed volunteers … Continue reading “Safety Boat – 6/4/2022”

Senior Track Meet – 4/21/2022

Each year at the Webster Groves home track meet, they honor the seniors who are at the end of their high school career. We missed photos of Corvin being honored because the parents go with the athlete, but it was a great feeling. He didn’t have the success in track that he did in cross … Continue reading “Senior Track Meet – 4/21/2022”