Corvin’s Friend Birthday Party – 10/10/2015

What birthday would be complete without having your friends for a sleepover? So we invited Zach and Henry over to share in the festivities. After dinner, we had to provide dessert. In order to keep things interesting, I served a few scoops of ice cream and cake. But they each got special implements to eat … Continue reading “Corvin’s Friend Birthday Party – 10/10/2015”

Race For The Rivers – 8/29/2015

Race for the Rivers is an annual event benefiting the Greenway network. We’ve been racing in this event since 2011. Since I do other races during the year, this is Danelle’s time to paddle. I’m just here to support her. I also take tons of photographs. To see the rest of the album, hop over … Continue reading “Race For The Rivers – 8/29/2015”

Bourbeuse River Family Float – 8/8/2015

I wanted to have a family float on the river. For as much as I love paddling, I don’t do a very good job of bringing my family into it. This was a step to correct that. I prefer the Missouri river when the timing is good. However, the river was high and I worried … Continue reading “Bourbeuse River Family Float – 8/8/2015”

Florida Vacation Day 6 – 7/8/2015

Today we head to the Magic Kingdom. If you speak of a Florida vacation, you are likely talking about Disney World. So we headed out the slow way to avoid tolls. It didn’t take long before we found what we were looking for! We paid to park (cause it isn’t expensive enough to get in … Continue reading “Florida Vacation Day 6 – 7/8/2015”

Florida Vacation Day 5 – 7/7/2015

Today’s plan was to go deep sea fishing. We got spots on a large boat that was slated to go about 10 miles offshore for good fishing. The kids were quite excited. We arrived early to check things out and ensure that we didn’t miss the boat. When I checked in, I purchased some rags … Continue reading “Florida Vacation Day 5 – 7/7/2015”