South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/24/2019

Danelle and I registered for the South Dakota Kayak Challenge for the third time (First and Second SDKC). For this trip, we decided a team would be a good choice and picked Melissa and Megan to be on our team. Melissa and Megan were new to racing, but we thought they would keep the fun … Continue reading “South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/24/2019”

Ecological Society of America 2018

The Ecological Society of America held their annual conference on August 5-10, 2018, in New Orleans.  This was my first time attending and I have to say that I was overwhelmed!  There were over a thousand scientists in attendance and the wonderful individuals I met were as diverse as the ecological subject areas that were … Continue reading “Ecological Society of America 2018”

July Sunset Race (116th) – 7/12/2018

The 116th Sunset Race was set to go downriver to the Meramec Marina. The race would be 12 days before the MR340, so I hoped to see several paddlers out for a fun training run before the race. Several of my favorite people where here to paddle! I brought two boats tonight. The kayak is … Continue reading “July Sunset Race (116th) – 7/12/2018”

Danelle’s Surprise Birthday Party – 7/7/2018

Danelle has had a few surprise birthday parties for me. They are always a fun time and lots of planning. I think she was a bit surprised when her 40th birthday came and went with little fanfare. Unless you consider sending her to the beach for a week with friends a decent thing. Anyway, this … Continue reading “Danelle’s Surprise Birthday Party – 7/7/2018”