Hannah Weekend – 3/22/2019

Hannah came in for a few days during her spring break to hang out with us. Here are some highlights of her visit.

Danelle picked her up from the Amtrak bus (as the tracks were flooded out). From there, they went straight downtown to get photos.

With pictures and food out of the way, there was no time to waste, they were off to a St. Louis Blues game!

Kelly, Hannah, and Danelle at the game.

Hannah and Danelle getting ready!

Danelle and Kelly. Dinner and drinks before the game.

The next day, Hannah, Danelle, and I  went out to Venice Cafe for drinks before going to Frazer’s for dinner. The ladies loved Venice Cafe.

After our fancy dinner, we all went home satisfied. Of course, this is a weekend with Hannah, so there was more fun to be had! We also took her to the Mauhaus Cat Cafe to see more cats.

It never seems to be enough time, but it was better than none. We’re looking forward to the next visit already!

Hogan Haake