Meramec Highlands Quarry Park – 7/29/2014

I discovered Meramec Highlands Quarry Park by accident. I was looking through my Facebook page and noticed my neighbor had taken his kids to a park in town. I inquired with him further to understand. He explained where the park was and gave me some tips for getting around the park. The map (thanks Google … Continue reading “Meramec Highlands Quarry Park – 7/29/2014”

Shaw Hike 1.1.12

We started off this year with a very brisk hike at Shaw Nature Preserve. We spent quite a while out there, but only went for two miles. I ended up carrying Sonora a fair bit to help speed things up. It probably didn’t help that it was very cold outside!

Cub Scout Hike at Fort Bellefontaine – 6.18

I committed to lead the Cub Scouts on a hike during the summer. When I was thinking of places to take the scouts, I had to think of somewhere that they had likely not been before and that they would like. I remembered a hike I had done with the family that would be perfect. … Continue reading “Cub Scout Hike at Fort Bellefontaine – 6.18”