Aaron English – 11/12/2023

A few months prior, I was invited to a house concert by my buddy Mark Fish. I didn’t know what to expect but was excited to experience something new. Mark has an amazing condo in the Benton Park area of St. Louis that used to be a school. His place has huge ceilings with plenty … Continue reading “Aaron English – 11/12/2023”

Clearing the Orchard – 12/3/2023

We’ve decided to put an orchard on the property where we are building the house. We won’t be planting any trees until we get water to the property, but there is plenty of brush clearing to do until then. There is also a large branch on an oak tree that reaches into the orchard area … Continue reading “Clearing the Orchard – 12/3/2023”

Michael’s Halloween Bash – 10/28/2023

Michael is a friend from college from honor’s house. He hosted a pre-Halloween bash at his house. We were hoping for better weather to do interesting outdoor things, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We opted for lots of hilarious indoor activities. Being a martial artist, he has a large collection of weapons for sparring. It … Continue reading “Michael’s Halloween Bash – 10/28/2023”

Danforth Fire – 10/20/2023

Going up to Danforth is usually a decent amount of work. But we reward ourselves with big fires from all of the work we accomplish. Today, we had some interesting fire. First off, it was bigger than normal. Sonora enjoyed helping out using the leaf blower to make the flames bigger! Danelle watched on wondering … Continue reading “Danforth Fire – 10/20/2023”

Paddling With Dave – 9/23/2023

I have several very interesting friends. One of those friends is Dave O’Leary. We met from the volleyball team that we mutually play on. Dave posts a lot on social media and seems to always be doing something and asking for friends to join him. Today, Danelle and I reached out and joined him for … Continue reading “Paddling With Dave – 9/23/2023”

Symphony In The Park – 9/21/2023

Forest Park Forever hosts an annual symphony in the park. This year, we made it a point to attend this free concert. The weather report showed that it might rain a bit, but would be a wonderful night for a concert. Sonora was worried about getting good seats, so we made it a point to … Continue reading “Symphony In The Park – 9/21/2023”

Cardinals Game with Deck – 9/19/2023

The annual (or periodic) trip to the Cardinals game with co-workers was more enjoyable than usual for all of us. Hogan spent the entire game in the box having baby time. You can just see the back of his head above me, not watching the game live or on the TV. Sonora and I watched … Continue reading “Cardinals Game with Deck – 9/19/2023”

Firecracker Race – 9/16/2023

The Mississippi River Water Trail Association hosts the Firecracker Race as a fundraiser for their organization. I had paddled this race before when it was just laps around Ellis Bay and didn’t care for it. This year, they switched to a downriver paddle that I was excited about. Add that to the fact that Danelle … Continue reading “Firecracker Race – 9/16/2023”

Sunset Race – 9/14/2023

There is a part of me that wishes the Sunset Race was more popular. That would mean more boats out every month enjoying the water. As it sits, its a monthly reminder for me to use my boats and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the time I have some company. Today it was just myself … Continue reading “Sunset Race – 9/14/2023”