Sunset Race – 12/9/2022

It should come as no surprise by now that I like paddling. I also like just about any weather for paddling. For the December Sunset Race, I was the only participant. That wasn’t going to stop me from a wonderful night time paddle. I don’t often make it up to the 141 bridge anymore as … Continue reading “Sunset Race – 12/9/2022”

Thanksgiving In Wisconsin – 11/23/2022

We left early on Wednesday 11/23 headed up north. Danelle and I decided that we would rent an Airbnb for a few nights.  It probably would have been cheaper to fly Corvin home for a few days, but then the kids would all want to go hang out with their friends. This would make them … Continue reading “Thanksgiving In Wisconsin – 11/23/2022”

Friendsgiving 2023

Jo Jo hosted her second Friendsgiving at her funky warehouse/studio. Several of her close friends were invited. Its an amazing collection of food from all of the friends. We brought along two loaves of our fresh bread to share. Coty came along with us, although she and Sonora were going to leave early for another … Continue reading “Friendsgiving 2023”

Youth Orchestra – 11/13/2022

We picked up tickets for the St. Louis Symphony’s youth orchestra. Sonora loves to go and its a great excuse to get out. Laura met us at The Fountain on Locust for lunch. The food menu is just meh, but that isn’t what they are known for. They have a HUGE collection of ice cream … Continue reading “Youth Orchestra – 11/13/2022”