Bell Mountain Hike – 3/2/2024

I signed up for a race and needed to train. “Ozark’s Mountain Challenge” is a 7,980’ food ascent challenge. I wanted to be in good shape for this race, so I’ve been hiking things with elevation to get ready. Melissa is signed up and the one that tipped me off to this mess. I called Melissa to see about doing a training hike. She said yes and that Stacy would be coming along as well. I thought we were going to the course to practice, but Melissa took us to Bell Mountain. I knew it would be a good hike and though the company would be fun for training as well.

Saturday morning, Melissa and Stacy showed up and hopped in my car for the two hour drive south. We were quite happy to get to Bell Mountain and stretch our legs. we all got settled stretched and started our hike. Here are the ladies going up the trail.

At the op, we celebrated with a great view and met some other hikers up there.

Melissa kept telling us how there are wild goats there and how she wanted to see them. This was a close as she got this day.

The hike would be cool to do again and camp at the top, maybe next time!

Hogan Haake

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