Christmas in KC – 12/22/2023

We decided to celebrate Christmas in Kansas City this year. Dad’s house was full, so we elected to stay at Hannah’s house. We came into town Friday evening. We spent some time getting settled and playing with Hannah’s cats. Saturday morning came around and we hung around the house until we went out for an early lunch at a local pizza place.

After pizza, we dropped Corvin and Sonora back at Hannah’s house. Danelle, Hannah, and I went to a big box hardware store. We were shopping for a new light fixture for her bathroom and a faucet for her kitchen. As “payment” for letting us stay at her house, I was performing the work of installing them.

Time got by us quickly as we got back to Hannah’s. It was time to pack us all up and head to Uncle Jerry’s house. Uncle Jerry has hosted a Christmas party at his house for as long as I can remember. I was particularly excited to go this year as I was handing out USB sticks of the family photos to my aunt and uncles. Feeling closer to family than I have before, I spent so much time talking with family rarely seen that I didn’t get any photos šŸ™

Sunday the 24th or Christmas Eve, we were spending the whole day at dad’s house. We had a large meal planned and gifts in the evening. Without mom, the kids just took over the kitchen and did our best. Of course, none of us are kid aged anymore, so it was time.

Henry and Hayden are doing something with the ham.

We all ate in the dining room with Dad happy to having most of his kids around him!

Eventually it was time for presents. But first, we did the family tradition of all kids, spouses, and grandkids on the steps. There we sing the traditional Christmas song Dad made up years ago.

Christmas comes just once a year
once a year
once a year
Christmas comes just once a year
so lets YELL

Then we run down the stairs. I think there are 13 of us on the steps, but I may be missing somebody.

We went back to Hannah’s place early for us [before 10pm] as we needed to get up early on Monday/Christmas. Our family gift was 4 tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs game. Neither of the kids had been to Arrowhead stadium before. Excitement built as we began our tailgate and slowly died as we realized how many things we forgot to bring. Instead of warm chili on a very cold day, we had chips and donuts. Not to let this get the best of us, we dressed up and walked through the parking lot to get into the stadium. There were so many fantastic fans all around us!

In talking with Uncle Jerry a few nights ago, I learned that he was in the Chiefs Hall of Honor. He had connections back in the early days of the Chiefs and had a jersey from when they were known as the Dallas Texans before moving to Kansas City. He kept that jersey for many years. When he learned that they didn’t have any memorabilia from the old times, he donated his jersey.

Unfortunately for me, I dressed for rain rather than warmth. I continued to get colder during the game. At half time, I realized I was in trouble. I left the stadium and went to the car to start the heat and warm up. Danelle and the kids were able to stay warmer and finished out the game! Here we are before the end of the first half.

Corvin and Sonora are already to go back for another game. I took about an hour to stop shivering in the car with the heat on full. I may be becoming a fair weather fan!

Back at Hannah’s house on Tuesday, I had less than 24 hours before we would be heading back home and it was time to get to work. I got under the sink and replaced her faucet but not before earning the title of the world’s okay-est plumber. It took me 3 visits to the local hardware store to get all the correct parts. I learned that you must read the label as a toilet line is not the same threading as a faucet line. Then you have to measure the length as some lines need to be longer than others. But before the day was out, she had a new kitchen faucet and a new light in her bathroom. Overall, my home improvements were a success and Hannah was quite satisfied! We’ll call this Christmas trip a complete success!

Hogan Haake

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