Indoor Volleyball – 1/9/2024

We don’t talk about it much, but Danelle has been on a volleyball team for about 15 years. The cast of characters has evolved over time as people leave and join. Her brother Brian was on the team and she joined. She’s the longest lasting player on the team. I eventually joined the team as the kids got older and didn’t need to be watched full time. Today I wasn’t feeling 100% and decided to sit out the game as there were enough players. I did however manage to grab a photo of the current cast of Dig Dug.

From left to right, Carrie, Keigh, Sonora (who I swear is 18…), Dave, and Danelle. I wouldn’t have sat out if there weren’t 6 on the court. Out of frame are Maureen and Jen. Its a great way to get some exercise once a week most weeks of the year and loads of fun!

Hogan Haake

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