June 2020

Always cat photos. Since we’re spending more time at home with COVID-19 around, we spend more time messing with the cats! Brawndo is getting bigger. Brawndo looks tiny, but don’t let that fool you, he is growing fast! Sushi is our most normal cat, but we still give her attention as well!   Coatrack is… Continue reading June 2020

2020 MR340 – 8/4/2020

2020 MR340 PRE RACE This year is an exceptionally strange year. COVID-19 has caused lots of social and safety issues. I was thinking about paddling in the MR340 with Jo Jo. Then Melissa Nilson called me and suggested Jo Jo and I join her on a dragon boat for the race. After talking with Jo… Continue reading 2020 MR340 – 8/4/2020

Random Paddle

Sometimes we just go paddling cause its fun. Today I got Danelle out with several friends. At the waterfall where Simpson lake drains into the Meramec river. Mark in the background. Paddling with Danelle Melissa in the foreground and JoJo and a friend in the background. We had a great time going out on the… Continue reading Random Paddle