Safety Boat – 6/4/2022

Danelle is a board member of the Mississippi River Water Trail Association. This group promotes use of the Mississippi river. Today they were hosting PaddleFest. It was a introduction into paddling held on a backwater of the Mississippi river. There were several parts to this event. In order to hold these events, they needed volunteers … Continue reading “Safety Boat – 6/4/2022”

Corvin’s High School Graduation – 5/24/2022

Corvin’s graduation was held at Chaifetz arena. It was a little less than a year ago that Danelle graduated and walked across this same stage. Now Corvin was here taking his own turn. The crowd filled up fast. Like any good parent, we’re always looking for our kids. Elizabeth Bacon is looking for her family. … Continue reading “Corvin’s High School Graduation – 5/24/2022”

Sonora’s Birthday Weekend – 5/14/2022

Sonora has a birthday tradition where her grandparents from Kansas City come in town and visit. This weekend also included a track meet a ways away, so we offered for the grandparents to skip if they didn’t want to go to the track meet. GPM (Grand Pa Monster) and Grandma Pat came to St. Louis … Continue reading “Sonora’s Birthday Weekend – 5/14/2022”

Tag Along Work Trip – 5/7/2022

Danelle had an out of town work trip and I got to tag along for the weekend. I always treasure time with Danelle, especially getting to see her in a professional capacity. Her passion for the environment and conversation is inspiring. It also helps Danelle that she doesn’t have to drive for the trip. We … Continue reading “Tag Along Work Trip – 5/7/2022”

Danforth Clearing – 4/10/2022

It feels a bit like an obsession, but one that we enjoy. What is the obsession, going up to Danforth and removing vegetation and burning it. Today, we were working on the flat field area near the back. Okay, Danelle is cleaning up the mess I made from previous visits while I get rid of … Continue reading “Danforth Clearing – 4/10/2022”