Swinging Bridges Ride – 5/1/2022

Brad, Joe, and I were scheduled to ride the 2022 Swinging Bridges ride. This is an annual motorcycle ride celebrating the old swinging bridges in Missouri. Its a two day ride. On Friday night, Brad and I came out separately and were meeting part of the way to the final destination. I opted to tough … Continue reading “Swinging Bridges Ride – 5/1/2022”

Adventure Palooza 2021 – 9/23/2021

An annual event put on by Adventure Riders LLC, Adventure Palooza is a 500 mile off road adventure based in the state of Missouri. This is my second year participating. This year, I invited Brad Pagel to join me on this grand adventure. He accepted and I also tried to join up with my group … Continue reading “Adventure Palooza 2021 – 9/23/2021”

Brad’s Birthday Surprise – 1/8/2020

To help celebrate Brad’s birthday at the office, we decided to decorate his desk. Eric and I went over to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to pick up some wrapping paper and string. Brad typically rolls into the office after 8:30 am. Therefore we would do it day of in the morning. Of course as we’re … Continue reading “Brad’s Birthday Surprise – 1/8/2020”