March 2022

A month with cats is an incomplete month. Brawndo looks outside.

And playing in the laundry.

Eric made a visit and got to see how big Brawndo is.

And it seems a common theme for me that as spring starts to show up, I get interested in unicycling again. A quick trip out to the Katy Trail was due.

Of course, I spent time with Danelle. And like the early Catholic Church, I would punish anybody that said my world didn’t revolve around her. She makes me happier each day!

Sonora is still practicing her violin. We enjoy hearing her play even if she is sometimes shy when practicing.

Finally, Corvin šŸ™‚ I got a call from him that he was out with friends and they got a flat tire. With that one call, My shoes were on and I was out to find them and make sure they were safe. Turns out the Nissan Leaf they were in didn’t have a spare tire to change. The flat was a clip of a curb that took a chunk out of the side wall, so there was no repairing it. Shortly after I arrived, so did the other 2 parents to make sure all was well. Here is the group waiting for help.

Corvin making his first pie.

Last thing I swear. Brad Pagel had his last day at Deck Commerce this month. I’ve grown close to him and we’re still in contact, but it stinks not seeing him often. This is his going away lunch. It speaks volumes how many people came out to see him off!

Hogan Haake