Hole In The Ground – 2/8/2024

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but construction feels like its finally started. We’ve owned the land for a while and they finally put a big hole in it! By that, I mean digging the foundation.

Is it perfect, sadly no. They found non-virgin soil in part of the dig. This means that they need to dig even deeper to get to better soil.Then they’ll bring in about 900 tons of rock to fill the deeper hole. While this isn’t great news, it does mean that the foundation shouldn’t sink and crack years down the line. The photo below shows  the extra section that was dug out (where it isn’t compacted flat).

One interesting/strange thing to note is the “island” of non dug out soil in the image below. Turns out that this is the garage footprint. They don’t need to dig this out and will save us some money by not digging it out.

Hogan Haake

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