Night Training – 6/30/2023

If you know me, you know that I enjoy long distance canoe racing. This year, I’m signed up for my 7th MR340 race. One of the most important things you can do for the race is train. I have not done very much training this year. I was originally signed up as a solo racer. I heard of an opportunity to jump on a dragon boat (10 or more paddlers) that was attempting to break the record in that division. I switched divisions. We never had any more organized training events and I decided I was going to part ways with that team. I wasn’t confident in the ability for that boat to finish the race and I was sure it wouldn’t break the record.

Now I’m training with Bob Hines trying to convince him to join me for a Men’s Tandem run. We posted our plans for this evening run, it was our second week in a row doing a night run and got a decent amount of other paddlers that wanted to join us. For several, it was their first time and they wanted the safety of other paddlers. For others, just another lovely day on the river. Sorry I don’t remember your names or I would mention the other paddlers photographed here.

Woah, that isn’t true. I do see Steve

plus Tom and Denise.

I swear its a night paddle. This is the best kind, a three hour paddle where you get to experience it getting dark and finishing in the dark.

I did feel a bit dumb not having lights on my boat. I’m supposed to be one of the people that knows what I’m doing. Anyway, a safe and fun paddle with new friends!

Hogan Haake