CCL 5K – 8/25/2020

I’ve been participating in the Creve Coeur Lake 5K race that is every Tuesday in the summer. I’ve paddled several different boats in that event and enjoyed myself. In order to level up my experience,I’ve taken my unicycle and ridden a lap or two around the lake before then paddling around the lake. Today, I… Continue reading CCL 5K – 8/25/2020

V7 Paddle – 6/16/2020

I purchased an Epic V7 surfski. I’ve been wanting to paddle a fast boat for a long time. My race times are getting faster, but the next big step is a faster boat. I found one online and made an offer. Eventually, my offer was accepted and I drove 4 hours round trip to pick… Continue reading V7 Paddle – 6/16/2020

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