V7 Paddle – 6/16/2020

I purchased an Epic V7 surfski. I’ve been wanting to paddle a fast boat for a long time. My race times are getting faster, but the next big step is a faster boat. I found one online and made an offer. Eventually, my offer was accepted and I drove 4 hours round trip to pick up the boat. Today is the first day I’m able to race the boat.

In the summer a group that connects on Facebook, Creve Coeur Lake Show Me Oars 5k meets and paddles a timed 5k race around the lake. I met up with the group and started racing them on Tuesdays with today being my first day. I’m a bit shaky in the V7 as its a narrow boat and I’m used to it. The photos below are of Jeff, who also has a V7. I’m thinking about outfitting options based on what he has already done.

Jeff getting ready to race against me.

There isn’t much storage on a V7. Jeff’s solution is this YETI dry box and a GPS just under his feet. Note that its tethered to the boat. I’m not quite ready to put something over my feet, but it is a good idea.

For my first 5K in the V7, I paddled 33:06. I was happy with that time.  However, at the end of the race at my last paddle stroke, I fell out of the boat in the water to the right side. I just couldn’t keep from falling out with most people watching! I laughed it off. However, my cell phone had enough. It was the last day that the cell phone worked! So an expensive but fun day!

Hogan Haake

Paddling On The Meramec – 6/8/2020

I think we need to have Hannah in town more often. I’m paddling more than ever. Better than that, I’m bring lots of people with me. Today, Hannah and I paddled the turd while Danelle and Melissa paddled our small aluminum boat up the Meramec river. we didn’t go too far,but had lots of fun!

Hannah is looking at the damn that keeps Simpson lake from dumping straight into the Meramec river.

Danelle and Melissa checking out the damn as well.

And darn Hannah for grabbing a photo with me. I do my best to be the one behind the camera… You can tell I sure don’t like it!

Hogan Haake

Paddling at Creve Coeur Lake – 6/6/2020

We decided to paddle a second day in a row. With 3 boats loaded on the trailer and a 10×10 pop up, we were ready to weather the sun and hang out for the morning.

Corvin and I hung out in the shade while Danelle and Maggie paddled in the canoe.

Sonora followed next in Tangelo

And Hannah came in last. But to be fair, she was in the slowest boat!

Eventually, Kelly, Jeff, and Mason came out to join us. Kelly, Mason, and I paddled the canoe around the lake for a bit having a good time. Jeff didn’t want to get in the water, but he did walk around the lake! It was a nice refreshing day to share with friends and family.

Hogan Haake

Family Paddle at Simpson Lake – 6/5/2020

Paddling is something that I mostly do and the rest of the family puts up with. We don’t do it enough together even though we have enough boats. Since we got a trailer earlier this year, there is no excuse not to get the family out together and paddle! So here we go!

You can see that we have 3 boats on the trailer, 2 up top and one below. When I say family paddle, I mean substitute Danelle for Maggie and Corvin for Hannah 🙂 You can see 3 of the 4 of us in this shot going up Grand Glaze Creek.


It was great seeing the girls enjoy the freedom of paddling. Maggie and Hannah don’t get much time in a kayak and it took a long time after we finished for their smiles to fade! I”m glad I was able to bring more of our boats our tonight and bring joy to our extended family!

Hogan Haake



Sunset Race – 5/14/2020

I’ve written lots of times about the Sunset Race. As much as the river surprises me every time, the people that come out and paddle truly make it what it is.

As always, spend time with Danelle is first. And being on the river is even better. Jon Marble is up ahead.

Back on shore afterwords with Jon and Mark Fingerhut.

Jo Jo, Melissa, and Blake.

Thanks to all who show up and make paddling even better!

Hogan Haake