Sunset Race – 9/14/2023

There is a part of me that wishes the Sunset Race was more popular. That would mean more boats out every month enjoying the water. As it sits, its a monthly reminder for me to use my boats and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the time I have some company. Today it was just myself and Danelle. I love sharing my passion for paddling and outdoors with her. And she loves to look at the water and think about science…

The paddling was going great, but the river is very low this year. When we got up to where there would be a huge paddling effort or a portage to get around, we got out. There, instead of continuing on upriver with the paddle, we stopped till full sunset looking for freshwater mussels. We found lots of shells and maybe one live one.

Today was the perfect mix of some of each of our main interests. I find it amazing that after 178 some Sunset Races, I’m still surprised and happy with the bounty the river has provided me. Hope you come join me some day for a paddle. I have lots of boats 🙂

Hogan Haake