Race To The Dome – 10/2/2021

Race To The Dome is an annual race on the Missouri river that benefits Missouri River Relief. The race has 2 start points depending on how long of a race you’re interested in. This year, Danelle and Sonora signed up for the 27 mile route. We started off the day in St. Louis leaving our … Continue reading “Race To The Dome – 10/2/2021”

Adventure Palooza 2021 – 9/23/2021

An annual event put on by Adventure Riders LLC, Adventure Palooza is a 500 mile off road adventure based in the state of Missouri. This is my second year participating. This year, I invited Brad Pagel to join me on this grand adventure. He accepted and I also tried to join up with my group … Continue reading “Adventure Palooza 2021 – 9/23/2021”

Danelle Visits Deanna in New York — 9/17-22/2021

I had some airfare available from a cancelled conference about a year ago.  I also had a little extra vacation time coming, so over the summer, I started thinking about where I might want to go for a little solo trip.  I didn’t have to think long.  I’ve been missing my friends from my days … Continue reading “Danelle Visits Deanna in New York — 9/17-22/2021”

Summer Vacation – 2021

Vacation is a wonderful time to get away from your normal life. Sometimes its just not working and other times, you get the heck out of your normal surroundings and life a temporary but different life. This year, we had trouble deciding what we were going to do. Initially I wanted to do a trip … Continue reading “Summer Vacation – 2021”