Disc Golf Again – 4/6/2021

We used to play Disc Golf all the time. Things change, but we come back to it. Today was one of those days. Beautiful spring day outside. We decided to play Unger Park in Fenton, Mo. Spring flowers were nearly jumping at us. The photo below belonged in a wedding with the bed of flowers … Continue reading “Disc Golf Again – 4/6/2021”

Waterfall for Easter – 4/4/2021

We wanted to do a family activity today. We packed up some supplies and headed out to Waterfall to make breakfast and hang out. The menu was French Toast made on a camp fire with the dutch oven lid. If you’re wondering what I’m sitting on, it isn’t any type of a grave. Its the … Continue reading “Waterfall for Easter – 4/4/2021”

Finally Crossing The Bridge – 3/4/2021

I’m a happy user of the trail system in St. Louis, primarily managed by Great Rivers Greenway (GRG). My two favorite are the Gravois Greenway (Grant’s Trail), and the River Des Peres Greenway. There is a bridge has been working on for some time going over the River Des Peres to join the two trails … Continue reading “Finally Crossing The Bridge – 3/4/2021”