Cleared Orchard and Gravel – 2/13/2024

I came out to work from the shed today. When I arrived, I found that the excavation company brought the backhoe to the orchard and pulled out the remaining large trees. While it saved a lot of work, it wasn’t exactly what I thought I communicated for them to do. Most of the debris was put over our old burn pile. I wanted it separate so I could control the size of the fire. Instead, we would have to burn a much larger fire on another day.

I felt dumb/annoyed also that they went over our trash bag and spread all of the contents back over the fire area. Now we’ll have to try and find all the glass to keep the area safe again. I fully admit this will save us lots of time and I’ll get over my issues.

Below is a selfie with the pile for size.

Up front today, we had some interesting things happen. First, a dump truck put gravel where the driveway is entering. This will help keep the mud down.

Then later, I heard a second dump truck come and drop a load on the other side.

Only those two loads were done while I was there. I expected about 50 more loads based on what I was told.

But my fun wasn’t over. It turns out that the driver of the backhoe forgot that I was in the back or didn’t notice me. He parked the backhoe right in the path I needed for getting out of the property!

I had some tools and the mower there. I was able to mow a larger path and move some concrete to get the car and myself out of the property. Otherwise, I would have had to call the project manager to have them come back and move the backhoe! What an exciting day!

Hogan Haake

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