Corvin and Sonora Meet Thumbelina! – 8.15.11

As if the morning spent learning about the birds in their hands was not enough, Corvin and Sonora got to visit a very special horse in the afternoon!  Thumbelina is in the Guinness World Records as the smallest horse in the world!  She is not quite a foot and a half tall. The kids also … Continue reading “Corvin and Sonora Meet Thumbelina! – 8.15.11”

Corvin and Sonora Catch Birds with Danelle – 8.15.11

On Monday mornings in the late spring and through the summer, I help a group of researchers form the World Bird Sanctuary capture birds in special nets at the ecology center where I work.  On one of these mornings, I was fortunate to be able to bring Corvin and Sonora with me.  They watched while … Continue reading “Corvin and Sonora Catch Birds with Danelle – 8.15.11”

Easter and Prom 4.23

We travled to Kansas City this year to celebrate Easter. Grandma Pat started off the wonderful weekend by taking the kids to the “Ball Museum” (Wonderscope Children’s Museum). They always love going there with grandma to play. Aunt Holly decided to join them. After the trip to the museum, Hannah had PROM that night for … Continue reading “Easter and Prom 4.23”