JoJo’s Pool – 6/25/2015

We went over to JoJo’s to swim in the pool. The weather didn’t look promising, but we went anyway. A small amount of swimming was completed before the lightning got everybody out of the pool. One of her friends with her two kids came over and the kids had somebody to play with.  We were … Continue reading “JoJo’s Pool – 6/25/2015”

Crazy Birthday – 6/10/2015

Now that all of you know my birthday, I expect presents next year… Anyway, this day started off fantastic. Danelle told me not to leave for work till I talked to her. I was mildly concerned. I got ready slowly can came downstairs to her and the kids singing me happy birthday with my first … Continue reading “Crazy Birthday – 6/10/2015”

Picking up the Kids In KC – 5/29/2015

After an amazing but short week without the kids after dropping them off for the South Dakota Kayak Challenge, we were missing them! So we drove back to KC to pick them up. As always, there is something going on at my parent’s house. Herman, Cole, Jen, and Henry were back working on Herman’s mustang … Continue reading “Picking up the Kids In KC – 5/29/2015”

Sonora’s Birthday Skate Party – 5/17/2015

Sonora wanted to have a birthday party, so we ended up at Skateport. She invited several friends. It was a simple affair, show up, skate and eat pizza. Her friends started showing up and skating. Some of them had never skated before or were not very good at it. So Danelle and I split up. … Continue reading “Sonora’s Birthday Skate Party – 5/17/2015”