Christmas in KC – 12/26/2014

Christmas fell on Thursday and I still had to work on Friday. So after a short day at the office, we left in the early afternoon for Kansas City to celebrate with my family. As always, the pool table in my parents basement is a big hit.


Of course, coming to KC also had some side benefits! Danelle and I made a special trip to Byron and Christy’s house to see their new baby, Morgan. She is super cute, I can never get enough baby time!


Later in the weekend, we celebrated the perfect weather by having family unicycle practice in front of my parents house. Herman can sort of ride and has his own unicycle. I brought my 3 so there were four to practice with.

IMG_20141228_142725 IMG_20141228_142847 IMG_20141228_143033 IMG_20141228_143158

We laughed about this practice for a while, but its a hard skill to master! Eventually, we ended up at the bowling alley where my family’s real sports talent lies. In fact, I’m probably one of the lower skilled of the family.

IMG_20141228_160547 IMG_20141228_160602 IMG_20141228_160627 IMG_20141228_165534

My lack of bowling skill is made up for by my willingness to hand out money for games and beer 🙂

Unfortunately, our time comes to an end too quickly. Its time for us to head back to St. Louis. On the way, we were able to find a Fazoli’s restaurant for dinner which made Sonora quite happy.


Hogan Haake